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Tips on How to Avoid the Plague

The bubonic plague that ravaged the world in the Middle Ages is still with us in the modern world, but medical knowledge has increased enough so that we now know what causes it and how to successfully treat it. Modern-day remedies for the plague involve the liberal application of antibiotics like streptomycin, tetracycline, and sulfonamides. Plague is very often fatal, and people with the disease may need addition symptom relief, including a source of oxygen and respiratory support, as well as medications to maintain adequate blood pressure. 12 Medieval Tips that Probably Didnt Help In the middle ages, though, there were no known antibiotics, but there were plenty of home and doctor-prescribed remedies. If you had the plague and were able to get a doctor to visit you, he would likely suggest one or more of the following, none of which would do any good at all. Rub onions, vinegar, garlic, herbs, or a chopped up snake on the boilsCut up a pigeon or chicken and rub the parts over your entire bodyApply leeches to the buboesSit in a sewer or rub human excrement on the bodyTake a bath in urineWhip yourself to show God that you are penitent for your sinsDrink vinegar, arsenic, and/or mercuryEat crushed minerals such as emeraldsInfuse your house with herbs or incense to purify itPersecute the people you dont like and think might have cursed youCarry sweet-smelling spices like ambergris (if you are wealthy) or plain herbs (if you are not)Suffer through repeated purges or bloodletting One Tip That Might Have Helped: Theriac The universal recommended medication for the plague in the medieval period was called theriac or London treacle. Theriac was a medicinal compound, a medieval version of remedies first concocted by classical Greek doctors for a number of ills. Theriac was made up of a complex mixture of multiple ingredients, indeed some recipes had 80 or more ingredients, but most of them included significant amounts of opium. Compounds were made up of a wide variety of dietary supplements, infusions of scabious or dandelion juice; figs, walnuts or fruit preserved in vinegar; rue, sorrel, sour pomegranate, citrus fruit and juice; aloes, rhubarb, absinth juice, myrrh, saffron, black pepper and cumin, cinnamon, ginger, bayberry, balsam, hellebore and a  whole lot more. The ingredients were mixed with honey and wine to make a thick, syrupy cordial-like consistency, and the patient was to dilute it in vinegar and drink it every day, or at least two to three times a week before meals. Theriac comes from the English word treacle and was said to cure fevers, prevent internal swellings and blockages, alleviate heart problems, treat epilepsy and palsy, induce sleep, improve digestion, heal wounds, protect against snake and scorpion bites and rapid dogs and poisons of all sorts. Who knows? Get the right combination and the plague victim might feel better, anyway. 12 Tips that Would Have Worked   Interestingly, we now know enough about the plague to go back in time and make some suggestions to Medieval people on how to avoid getting it. Most of them are only available to people rich enough to follow the directions: stay far away from people and other animals that carry fleas. Keep some clean clothes tightly folded and bound up in cloth treated with mint or pennyroyal, preferably in a cedar chest far from all animals and vermin.At the first whisper of plague in the area, flee any populated town or village and head for an isolated villa, far from any trade routes, with your cedar chest.Vigilantly clean every last corner of your villa, killing all rats and burning their corpses.Use plenty of mint or pennyroyal to discourage fleas, and  allow no cats or dogs to come near you.Under no circumstances enter an enclosed community like a monastery or board a shipOnce away from all human contact, wash in extremely hot water, change into your clean clothes, and burn the clothes you traveled in.Keep a minimum distance of 25 feet from any other human being to avoid catching any pneumonic form spread through breathing and sneezing.Bathe in hot water as frequently as you can.Keep a fire burning in your villa to ward off the bacillus, and stay as close to it as you can stand, even in summer.Have your armies burn and raze to the ground any nearby houses where plague victims have resided.Stay where you are until six months after the most recent nearby outbreak.Move to Bohemia before 1347 and dont leave until after 1353 Sources Fabbri, Christiane Nockels. 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The Child Molestation Act Of Pederasty - 975 Words

In the earliest of time in Greece, homosexuality became common within the civilization; which with this socially accepted involvement, some could say, provided the groundwork for the child molestation act of pederasty. Conversely, it appears the Greek’s institutionalized sodomy to a new level for children that involved predominantly upper-class men in the 7th century B.C.; shamefully, boosted with pride concerning this ‘training system as their civil duty.’ They professed to be giving needed guidance to young boys (eromenos); who became effectively courted by older men (the erastes or ‘lover’). The Greeks became flamboyant with their exploitation of adolescents and cunningly gave personal attention to young boys to produce sexual cooperation. Distinctly, there existed a real challenge between Greek homosexuals, involving who would become the ‘dominating partner;’ (which transpires as an extreme shame if you were the lesser); therefore , an infinite number of repugnant circumstances arose, while using children’s passiveness to conceal the men’s perverted actions. Although, people exalt ancient philosophers for their intelligence and wisdom; perversely Plato proudly declares, â€Å"Pederasty, philosophy, and nude sports as the three things that set the Hellenes (Greeks) apart from the barbarians† (Symposium, 182b). Suitably, being compared to barbarians speaks for itself. Plato explains pederasty two years before his death, stating, â€Å"†¦man is far more beautiful, moreShow MoreRelatedThe Child Molestation Act Of Pederasty969 Words   |  4 Pages In Greece, homosexuality became common within their culture; which with this socially accepted involvement, some could say, provided the groundwork for the child molestation act of pederasty. It appears the Greek’s institutionalized sodomy to a new level for children that involved predominantly upper-class men in the 7th century B.C.; shamefully, boosted with pride concerning this ‘training system as their civil duty.’ They professed to be giving needed guidance to young boys (eromenos); who

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Environmental Innovation in Packaging Business

Question: Discuss about the Environmental Innovation in Packaging Business. Answer: Introduction: Amcor Limited is a multinational packaging company based out of Australia headquartered in Hawthorn a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. The company provides rigid as well as flexible packaging solutions to many industries such as food and beverage, tobacco, medical and home and personal care. (Kelly Tan, 2013) Although an Australian company it generates only 6% of its revenues from Australia and NZ while the rest of the revenues come from the other countries of the world, and importantly 32% from the emerging countries as per their website. As of 2016 Amcor is operational in around 40 countries and has manufacturing sites in around 150 places all over the world. (Amcor, 2016) Long term goals and objectives. From the literature available on the internet their website and their annual report the goals of objectives of Amcor have been summed up as follows.(Amcor Limited, 2015) The company wants to work in sync with the end customers and design the packaging in such a way that meets the requirement of the community as well as that of the product that is being packaged. The management of the company plans to make use of the best quality packaging goods and use innovative systems that not only help in reducing environmental hazards but also at the same time ensure the proper safety and durability of the products being packaged.(Verghese Lewis, 2007) The company wants to bring down the numbers in parameters such as the LTIFR and RCFR every year. The LTIFR stands for lost-time injury frequency rates which mean the number of lost time hours in a given period with result to total numbers of hours we have worked in that given period. The management of the company is committed to become the global leaders in their respective industry and also maximization of shareholders wealth is prime most in their set of goals and objectives. Going forward Amcor has plans to enter the market in more geographic locations and therefore consolidate its position as a global leader. As mentioned earlier right now non-cyclical food and beverage industries are the major contributors to the sales of Amcor. In their bid to become global leaders the companys management is identifying for new growth areas and verticals where they can venture into which would not only make them more profitable but also increase their customer base. Stakeholders and Competitors The stakeholders of the company include its 29,000 strong base of employees who are working for the company in the manufacturing units as well as in other functions such as supply chain, logistics, finance and marketing. Another stakeholder group is the shareholders who remain invested in the company. The customers whose continued patronage make Amcor a global leader and also the vendors and suppliers from which Amcor sources its raw materials and other supplies are also a major stakeholder group. Finally, the financial institutions who have financed a portion of fixed assets and working capital can also be considered stake-holders.(Amcor Limited, 2015) The major competitors of the company are as follows Ball Corporation Crown Holdings International Paper Mondi Owens-Illinois Sealed Air Reynolds Group Stora Enso References Amcor. (2016). About Us:Amcor. Retrieved from Amcor: Amcor Limited. (2015). Annual Report. Melbourne: Amcor. Kelly, R., Tan, G. (2013, August 1). Australia's Amcor to Demerge Packaging Business. Wall Street Journal. Verghese, K., Lewis, H. (2007). Environmental innovation in industrial packaging: a supply chain approach. International Journal of Production reserach, 4381-4401.

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Jazz concert report Essay Example For Students

Jazz concert report Essay Kaixin Peng Instructor: Kevin ONeal MusiC 33 11/24/13 Second Concert Report I went to Mr. ONeals second Jazz concert today, which took place at a little bit far but very nice Jazz studio in San Pedro. There was a beautiful neighborhood nearby, and it was the first time IVe ever been to San Pedro. I was kind of tired since I went there right after I got off from work, but I still be excited and couldnt wait for the wonderful music. My friends and I had a seat before the concern really started, it was a warm and sweet little room. Then I looked at the little stage in front where Mr. ONeals going to perform later, it was Just fit to everything. I like the design of the stage: they had colorful lighting on five separate pieces pure white background , a new classic piano, a bright blue Jazz drum which I like the best, and a set of red African drum, they really made me look forward to the show. My friend also ordered the pizza the Mr. ONeal recommended, and we were ready to enjoy the concert! At around 4:45, the concert finally began. All the members of the band was sitting on their seats and getting ready, except for Mr. ONeal, while everybodys looking for him, he suddenly appeared. Everyone in the room was clapping so hard to welcome Mr. ONeal, then he started his music right away. The first song named Un Poco Loco, I love the tempo of those two different type of drums that were playing in this song, it gave people a kind of lively and pleasure feeling, and Mr. ONeals face was funny. The second song was a lyrical song called l should care, sang by Mr. ONeal, the lyric was very touched and the melody made me relax, I enjoyed listening to Mr. O Neals singing, however, he made a Joke in the end to pull out a long tone seem to be endless. After this he rested for a while and introduced his band members to the udience, he said l only hire those people who are uglier than me and shorter than me, and talented. There was total six guys on the stage including Mr. ONeal, one played the piano, one played guitar but Mr. ONeal said that he can play all the instruments, Mr. ONeal himself played base and vocal, one played saxophone, and two other guys played that two different kind of drums, yet, unfortunately I was not able to remember any of their names. The third song was Key Largo which Mr. ONeal said it makes him think of South Florida. Then, there was Lady Candy up to the stage, she sang the song Loverman with her amazing voice. She performed the song Regresamelo Todo with her enthusiasm. My favorite one was l fell in love, she sang in Spanish with full of love, it was very graceful. Later, there was another gentleman who came up and sang a song with her in Spanish as well, then the gentleman had a special performing of the song l wanna be where you are by Michael Jackson. The last song that Mr. ONeal brought to us made me feel free and cheerful, it was called Bolivia. Thank you for giving us a such wonderful night, I really enjoy the music of the concert! Jazz concert report By missangelinababy