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Reports of Gods Death Are a Bit Premature Essays -- Philosophy essays

The Reports of Gods Death Are a Bit Premature Arguing the close of God is a fence in that will last until eternity. Regardless of exploration or religious zeal there ar far too many human viewpoints list towards the view of and the strong need for faith. Believing in God for some is as natural as walking upright and it would seem that through much(prenominal) unquestionable faith God would somehow still be alive. But perhaps He is only surviving with the help of life support. For example, it would be hard to manifest a passionate Fundamentalist Christian that God was not alive in his or her heart. Therefore, Nietzches claim of Gods demise would fall on deaf(p) ears, for he or she would, in a sense, be keeping God alive with their faith. However, for the sake of Nietzches favorite subject and perspectivists everywhere, suppose God has in occurrence died. match to the madman we are all responsible (Kaufman 126), but how did it happen and what do we do to solve the caper ? Even more curious, is it a problem? So there they are, like some sort of bad movie, standing around with a body lying on the floor. It is nighttime and the classic encounter is occurring international complete with pouring rain, thunder and lightning. Those present stare at the figure in disbelief. Some, however, are not surprised. Others shake their heads at the inevitability of it all. A toughenedly a(prenominal) cry, but what is on all of their minds is this who is it? His death has left him slightly disfigured, not in a morbid sense, but just enough to train him hard to identify, not only for who he is, but what place he held in all of their lives. There is no question that he once held a sight of great power and esteem, and that he once had a profound effect on generatio... ... the first time ever, we as humans hold Gods hatful in the balance. Perhaps this is not only Nietzchesperspective, perhaps this is truth. We are all, in fact, responsible for His survival. But l ike Mark Twains famous quote about himself, the reports of Gods death are a bit premature. Works Cited Kaufman, Gordon D., God the Problem Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1973. Nietzxche, Friedrich. The Gay Science With a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs New York Vintage Books, 1974. beyond effectual and Evil Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future New York Vintage Books, 1989. Soloman, Robert C. and Kathleen M. Higgens. Reading Nietzsche . New York Oxford University Press, 1988. Spinoza, Baruch. The Collected Works of Spinoza Edited and translated by Edwin Curley. Vol. 1, The ethics Princeton The Princeton University Press, 1985. Reports of Gods Death Are a Bit Premature Essays -- Philosophy essaysThe Reports of Gods Death Are a Bit Premature Arguing the death of God is a debate that will last until eternity. Regardless of exploration or religious zeal there are far too many human viewpoints leaning towards the idea of and the strong need for faith . Believing in God for some is as natural as walking upright and it would seem that through such unquestionable faith God would somehow still be alive. But perhaps He is only surviving with the help of life support. For example, it would be difficult to tell a passionate Fundamentalist Christian that God was not alive in his or her heart. Therefore, Nietzches claim of Gods demise would fall on deaf ears, for he or she would, in a sense, be keeping God alive with their faith. However, for the sake of Nietzches favorite subject and perspectivists everywhere, suppose God has in fact died. According to the madman we are all responsible (Kaufman 126), but how did it happen and what do we do to solve the problem? Even more curious, is it a problem? So there they are, like some sort of bad movie, standing around with a body lying on the floor. It is nighttime and the classic storm is occurring outside complete with pouring rain, thunder and lightning. Those present stare at the figure in disbelief. Some, however, are not surprised. Others shake their heads at the inevitability of it all. A few cry, but what is on all of their minds is this who is it? His death has left him slightly disfigured, not in a morbid sense, but just enough to make him hard to identify, not only for who he is, but what place he held in all of their lives. There is no question that he once held a position of great power and esteem, and that he once had a profound effect on generatio... ... the first time ever, we as humans hold Gods fate in the balance. Perhaps this is not only Nietzchesperspective, perhaps this is truth. We are all, in fact, responsible for His survival. But like Mark Twains famous quote about himself, the reports of Gods death are a bit premature. Works Cited Kaufman, Gordon D., God the Problem Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1973. Nietzxche, Friedrich. The Gay Science With a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs New York Vintage Books, 1974. Beyond Good and Evil Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future New York Vintage Books, 1989. Soloman, Robert C. and Kathleen M. Higgens. Reading Nietzsche . New York Oxford University Press, 1988. Spinoza, Baruch. The Collected Works of Spinoza Edited and translated by Edwin Curley. Vol. 1, The Ethics Princeton The Princeton University Press, 1985.

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An Argument Against a Presupposition Essay -- Political Science

In The American Democracy and Its National Principle, Herbert Croly makes an eloquent and poignant case for adopting a guinea pigistic frame of mind. fit in to Croly, we are rapidly approaching a junction where we must choose between the traditional values, measures and mind set of our past or embrace the opportunities of the future. As a slew we should realize that the future holds great promise, and that is why we should focus on empowering a centralized system of governing body that replaces the antiquated approach to governance regional centricity whose players are driven by their self-interest rather than the common sober. This may sound like nationalism but this is an inadequate assessment. To Croly, nationalism is a much grander thing. Nationalism requires substantially more than merely centralizing the government there must be a shift in how people count themselves, from a collection of states into a single American people. Nationalism is a philosophical ideal tha t far outstretches any tangible thing. Nationalism requires a incorporate frame of mind focused on a single point of governance. Crolys opinion, while not revolutionary, was still regarded with suspension by many people in 1909 (the year Crolys essay was published). People who were wary of a nationalistic government and a unified frame of mind had a good argument against Crolys essay. Much of this essay focuses on this argument against Crolys presuppositions regarding the progressive outcome of nationalization.First off, Croly bases everything in his argument on the claim that the national interest is predicated on democratic principles (as cited in Eisenach, p19). This is why people should have nothing to fear from a nationalistic government i... level (Eisenach, viii). I do not buy the argument that consolidating more power into the national government invariably leads to progress. At the same time, Crolys argument against nostalgic dogma is tumefy founded and enli ghtened. Indeed, there are several interesting points Croly makes about the ramifications of inaction and indifference regarding amending the constitution. However, it was evident to me after reading the essay that his call for progressivism had, at best, several uniform flaws and, at worst, paralleled fascism to an alarming degree. Works CitedCroly, H. (1909). The American Democracy and Its National Principle.(as cited in Eisenach, p)References to the introduction section are in roman numeralsEisenach. (2006). The Social and governmental Thought of American Progressivism. Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (Eisenach)

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Measure for Measure Essay: Angelo -- Measure for Measure

Angelo in Measure for Measure Within Measure for Measure, the character of Angelo enkindle be seen as a case study of will everyplace moral nature. Angelo, a deputy, is given the Dukes authority to act in his behalf while the Duke is away. The bilgewater unfolds as Angelo uses the agency hes been given in ways that many men in authoritative positions have done. It is interesting to follow his line of thought and to greet that this is a man who is not unlike many others. The main conflict between Isabella and Angelo is a contemporary problem. Measure for Measure is a unique probability to investigate the personality types of the characters involved in the conflict, and the study of these complex characters burn give meaningful insights into the nature of human emotion and action. Angelos job is to take over in government while the Duke investigates his own character and those of others disguised as a friar. Whilst Angelo is in power, his will, ironically is in direct conflict wi th the law he is trying to uphold. He propositions chaste Isabella to engage in sexual activity in exchange for the life of her brother who is to be executed because of his sexual indiscretions. It can be perhaps seen that Angelo is not an inherently evil character, that he feel from ... ...with temptation. These are lessons that can apply to everyone. Works Cited and Consulted Black, James. The Unfolding of Measure for Measure. Shakespeare Survey 26 (1973) 119-28. Leech, Clifford. The Meaning of Measure for Measure. Shakespeare Survey 3 (1950) 69-71. Shakespeare, William. Measure for Measure. The Arden Shakespeare. Ed. J.W. Lever. London Routledge, 1995. Thomas, Vivian. Understandning Angelo in Measure for Measure. London Croom Helm, 1987. Wilders, John. The Problem Comedies. In Wells, Stanley, ed. Shakespeare Select Bibliographical Guides. London Oxford UP, 1973.

Forensic Science Essay -- Forensics essays research papers

Forensic Science, also known as Forensics, is the application of attainment to fair play. It uses highly developed technology to uncover scientificevidence in a variety of fields. Modern forensic science has a broad sphere of applications. It is used in civil cases such as forgeries, fraud or negligence.The most common use of forensic science is to investigate criminal casesinvolving a victim, such as assault, robbery, kidnapping , rape, or murder. Forensic science is also used in monitoring the compliance of variouscountries with such international agreements as the Nuclear Non-ProliferationTreaty and the Chemical Weapons Convention and to learn whether a countryis developing a secret nuclear weapons program. It can help law enforcementofficials determine whether any laws or regulations have been violated in themarketing of foods and drinks, the manufacture of medicines, or the use ofpesticides on crops. It can also determine whether drunkenness water meets legalpurity requireme nts. The checkup examiner is the most important individual in aninvestigation of a crime involving a victim. It is the responsibility of the medical checkup examination examiner to visit the crime scene, conduct an autopsy (examinationof the body) in cases of death, examine the medical evidence and lab reports,study the victims history, and put each the information together in a report to beturned in to the district attorney.Medical examiners are usually physicians specializing in forensicpathology, the study of structural and structural changes in the body as aresult of injury. Their training and qualifications most often include a medicaldegree and an apprenticeship in a medical examiners office.In the field of forensic science, there are many subspecialties. Theyinclude odontology (the study of teeth), anthropology(the study of humanbeings), psychiatry, biology, chemistry, physics, toxicology (the study ofpoisons), and pathology (the examination of body tissues and fluids). Themedical examiner may call upon forensic scientists who are specialized inthese fields for help in a crime investigation.Toxicology is a branch of forensic science that deals with the adverseeffects of drugs and poisonous chemicals found in the home, at work or in theenvironment. All drugs have toxic effect moreover the effect is most often minor.The toxic effect of drugs... ...d, communities began requiring that coroners have specific academictraining. In 1877, Massachusetts replaced the coroners office with the Officeof the Medical Examiner, which was to be headed by a physician. Soon manyother states followed. In 1915 New York City established a program wherethe medical examiner was authorized to investigate all deaths that occurred topeople who appeared to be in good health, that resulted from criminalviolence, accidents, or suicides.Computer technology now allows law enforcement officers o recordfingerprints digitally and to transmit and touch information for quickidentif ication. Recent developments in technology allows scientists o examinethe deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or genetic material of blood, hair, skin, orsemen to see if they pass away to the victim or the suspected criminal. Usingpolymerase chain reaction (PCR), a lab can clone the DNA from a very small hear of one of those substances.Forensic science as practiced today is a field of science medicine that useselectron microscopes, lasers, ultraviolet and infrared light, advanced chemical techniques and computerized databanks to analyze and research evidence.

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Agatha :: Character Analysis, Brother Grimm

In brother Grimms Brother Lustig, the briny character, Brother Lustig, is initially portrayed as an honest, inexperienced and stupid young man, who shares all his possessions with others. For this reason, when analyzing Brother Grimms tale form a Jungian psychoanalytic perspective, will become a efflorescence example of a character experiencing individuation, for he eventually becomes a more selfish, cunning and independent person. Through meeting his archetypes, Brother Lustig goes from an honest, stupid and generous person, who shares his riches and possessions with the less fortunate ones to a cunning, selfish and self-sufficient trickster. Brother Lustigs burgeoning conscious is demonstrated through an analysis of his Jungian archetypes, with the shapeshifting beggar, acting as his decreed shadow, and St. Peter personifying as his symbolic Self. An analysis if Lustigs positive shadow, St. Peter as the poor shapeshifting beggar, is particularly useful in understanding the var ious challenges which the main character of the story will eventually have to face later on. In the folk tale, the beggar is portrayed as a cunning and reasoning(a) trickster, who changes his appearance every time he begged a gift form Lustig(368). Every time the disguised beggar placed himself in a nonher shape and asks for charity, Brother Lustig will always fall in his trap and give him a quarter of the loaf of his bread and one kreuzer (368), for he eventually have zero point left. By the end of the story, Brother Lustig becomes an intelligent trickster, capable of surviving alone thanks to his ability to smart and trick other people. In this context. It is evident that St.Peter as the shapeshifting beggar is a positive shadow since he embodies the qualities that the independent and grown up Lustig needs. By becoming more selfish and cunning, Lustig is finally capable of lot people by using his intelligence against the nine devils(376) by putting them in his knapsack(376). B y the end of the story, it becomes clear that his cunning and intelligence support him to become a more independent person capable of to survive without the help of others. He is no longer tricked by others and this shows clearly that he is on a further step towards individuation.The most important step in Lustigs maturation to a man capable of surviving alone is the fruition of Self, personified once again by St. Peter. Through his journey with St. Peter, Brother Lustig eventually maturates. At the very beginning of the story, he was a stupid, honest, selfless soldier who does not care about how to survive the day after.

Agatha :: Character Analysis, Brother Grimm

In Brother Grimms Brother Lustig, the main character, Brother Lustig, is initi entirelyy portrayed as an honest, inexperienced and stupid young man, who shares all his possessions with others. For this reason, when analyzing Brother Grimms tale form a Jungian psychoanalytic perspective, will become a prime example of a character experiencing individuation, for he finally becomes a more ungenerous, cunning and self-sufficient person. through with(predicate) meeting his archetypes, Brother Lustig goes from an honest, stupid and generous person, who shares his wealth and possessions with the less fortunate ones to a cunning, selfish and self-sufficient trickster. Brother Lustigs burgeoning conscious is demonstrated through an abstract of his Jungian archetypes, with the shapeshifting beggar, acting as his positive wickedness, and St. Peter personifying as his symbolic Self. An analysis if Lustigs positive shadow, St. Peter as the poor shapeshifting beggar, is particularly useful in understanding the various challenges which the main character of the story will eventually have to face later on. In the folk tale, the beggar is portrayed as a cunning and ingenious trickster, who changes his appearance every time he begged a gift form Lustig(368). Every time the disguised beggar placed himself in another shape and asks for charity, Brother Lustig will always fall in his trap and give him a quarter of the loaf of his bread and one kreuzer (368), for he eventually have nothing left. By the end of the story, Brother Lustig becomes an intelligent trickster, capable of surviving alone thanks to his ability to smart and trick other people. In this context. It is evident that St.Peter as the shapeshifting beggar is a positive shadow since he embodies the qualities that the independent and grown up Lustig needs. By becoming more selfish and cunning, Lustig is finally capable of helping people by using his intelligence against the nine devils(376) by putting them in his knapsack(376). By the end of the story, it becomes clear that his cunning and intelligence help him to become a more independent person capable of to survive without the help of others. He is no longer tricked by others and this shows clearly that he is on a further step towards individuation.The or so important step in Lustigs maturation to a man capable of surviving alone is the realization of Self, personified once again by St. Peter. Through his journey with St. Peter, Brother Lustig eventually maturates. At the very beginning of the story, he was a stupid, honest, selfless soldier who does not care about how to survive the daylight after.

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Relationships Between Parents and Children in Poetry Essay

Many poets use poetry to express their touch perceptions on their relationships with their p bents or children. Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker is just about a girl who has grown into an adult and is thinking back to when she was younger. In the poem she talks about how much she ignorees her father because he has passed away. indulgent by D.H. Lawrence is about a man that is reminded of his mother who always played the piano for him because of a woman that he hears singing. A Mother in a Refugee multitude by Chinua Achebe is about a woman that is in a refugee camp with her young child who is so sick that he is sure to die soon.Poem at Thirty-Nine presents childishness as a lonely, emotional experience. The woman in this poem has many fond memories of her father but she similarly has a gang of regret. She misses him very(prenominal) much and she is sad because she longinges she could have spent more duration with him when she was a young girl. In the poem she says, How I miss my father. I wish he had not been so tired when I was born. She wishes that her father wasnt too exhausted to spend time with her when she was a young girl. The reader carely feels sorry for the little girl and some people may feel handle they can relate to the girl when it comes to spending time with parents. This also relates to Do not go gentle into that good night because the man in this poem also misses his father except he isnt dead yet. He doesnt want him to die. mild presents childhood as safe, secure and serene. As like in Poem at Thirty-Nine the man has fond memories of time spent with his mother who he misses so much that it brings him to tears to think back to his childhood.The poem says, Down in the flood of remembrance, I weep like a child for the past. As he remembers his childhood, he begins to cry because he misses the times with his mother. It is unusual for a man to cry and he was low because men did not cry in the early 1900s. This makes the reader th ink back to childhood memories that they miss and they can relate to the poem just like readers can relate to Poem at Thirty-Nine because they both stress realistic topics that apply to many people. Half Past Two is also akin to Piano because it talks about missing childhood and it presents childhood as a care rationalize time. A Mother in a Refugee camp presents childhood as a time of pain and suffering. The boy in this poem does not have fond memories of childhood because of his difficult lifestyle and he isvery ill.The poem says, Now she did it like putting flowers on a tiny grave. The boys mother is being delicate and combing her tidingss hair as if she was putting flowers on a tiny grave because he is last. This makes the reader very sympathetic towards the mother because she loves her son with entirely her heart but yet she has to watch him die which is very hard for her. A Mother in a Refugee Camp can relate to My Parents unploughed me from Children who were Rough becau se the parents in these poems are trying to do the best for their son.In Poem at Thirty-Nine, Alice Walker uses imagery to portray herself as a woman who has inherited qualities and characteristics that her father possessed. This is shown when she uses the simile He cooked like a psyche dancing in a yoga meditation which suggests that her father is trance-like when he cooks and this shows that although he was often very strict with her, her father had a calm, laid back side. She has grown up to be like him and she believes that her father would be proud to run across the woman that she has grown up to be. The simile seasoning one of my life the same way twice shows that Alice Walker is spontaneous and her life has no subroutine and this may be something that she has inherited from her father. Piano uses a nostalgic image to underline how much D.H. Lawrence misses his childhood.The poem refers to old Sunday evenings at home and hymns in the cosy parlour. This creates a warm, hom ely image leading the reader to think that the boy comes from a loving home. Piano also uses the simile I weep like a child for the past to emphasize how much the poet misses his childhood. He is crying overtly because he wants to be a child again. The metaphor a flood of remembrance describes his memories rushing back all at once and this creates an overwhelming feeling for him. When A Mother in a Refugee Camp says, The air was heavy with odors of diarrhea, of unwashed children with washed-out ribs and dried up bottoms waddling in labored steps it appeals to the sense of the reader and it gives them an unpleasant image. This gives the reader the idea that the conditions are absolutely terrible and may even make some people sick to the stomach. It gives them a picture of the poverty and illness that is presents in war separate countries around the world.In Poem at Thirty-Nine I found it interesting when Alice Walker said, He taught me how because this is saying that her father was a role put for her and she learned a lot from him. This makes the reader think that the father set a good showcase for her. Poem at Thirty-Nine also uses a euphemism for death when it says, Though many truths must have grieved him before the end. She doesnt actually want to say that he died because it probably makes her sad. In Piano I find it interesting when D.H. Lawrence said, In spite of myself, the insidious bidding of song. He is trying to fight against the memory of his childhood because it makes him sad. Insidious mastery of song is a powerful tool which is saying that the mastery of the song that he is hearing betrays him back to his childhood. A Mother in a Refugee Camp makes good use of ellipsis.It says, Her tenderness for a song she would soon have to forget. This foreshadows the childs death. This makes the reader feel sorry for the mother and it also makes them sad. The poem also uses interesting vocabulary when it says, Before his breakfast and school now she did it. The word now stresses the mother and her sons previous modal(prenominal) existence. This probably makes the reader have a lot of sympathy for the mother and feel sorry for her because she is losing her child. This also gives the reader an idea of the life that the mother provided for her son and how the war has completely changed their lives.Alice Walker writes Poem at Thirty-Nine in first person. The poem is conveyed as very sad because she misses her father and the main feeling conveyed in this poem is love. The poem opens by saying, How I miss my father. Later in the poem she repeats the phrase How I miss my father to emphasize how much she misses him. At first the mood is regretful but as the poem goes on the mood changed and she thinks that her father would admire the woman she has become. D.H. Lawrence also writes Piano in first person and also third person to reminisce and describe himself as a child listening to his mother playing piano. An example of first person in th is poem is, Taking me back down the vista of years, till I secure and an example of third person in this poem is, A child sitting under the piano, in the boom of the tingling strings.In this quote he refers to himself as a child because he is trying to distance himself from his childhood. This poem is conveyedas depressing because it can cause readers to reminisce about their childhood and make them realize how much they actually miss it. The person speaking in A Mother in a Refugee Camp is the author, Chinua Achebe, and the poem is written in third person. An example of third person in this poem is, She held a ghost-smile between her teeth. Although she was not happy, she put on a fake smile. The main feelings conveyed in this poem are wo and love. The attitude towards the mother is admiration and how she is taking care of her son is touching.Poem at Thirty-Nine does not use any rhyming. It is also a free verse poem. This compliments her nature and it allows her to use the poem a s an outpouring of feelings about her father. She uses the poem to express how she feels about her father and how she wishes he was around to see how she has grown up. A Mother in a Refugee Camp is also a free verse poem. It does not have a rhyme scheme. It makes it come out like the mothers life is hectic and not very organized because of how much she has to deal with everyday trying to take care of her dying son. Her life is filled with agony and suffering. However Piano isnt written in free verse. Each stanza has the same amount of lines and the poem uses rhyming couplets. The mental synthesis of the poem represents the security of D.H. Lawrences childhood and how safe he felt when he was sitting under the piano listening to his mother.In my opinion, these poems all handle the same main topics which are love and sadness. I think that these poems will help many readers to think back to childhood memories that they are fond of and open up readers eyes to make them realize how mu ch they actually miss being a child. My favorite poem is A Mother in a Refugee Camp because I know a woman that is a close family friend who had to watch her young son slowly die from a mortal(a) disease and that helps me to understand how hard it must have been for the mother in this poem to see her son die.

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AIDS and Needles Essay

Becton Dickinson, one of the largest manufacturers of medical supplies, dominates the US market in disposable sprays and pricks. In 2005, a nurse, Maryann Rockwood (a fictional name), used a Becton Dickinson 5cc spray and chivy to draw blood from a patient known to be infected with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). Ms. Rockwood worked in a clinic that served AIDS patients, and she drew blood from these patients several(prenominal) times a day. After drawing the blood on this particular day, she transferred the HIV-contaminated blood to a sterile test tube by sticking the needle through the rubber stopper of the test tube, which she was holding with her new(prenominal) hand. She accidentally pricked her finger with the contaminated needle. She is now HIV positive. A few years earlier, in 2000, Becton Dickinson had acquired exclusive rights to a patent for a new syringe that had a moveable protective sleeve around it. The plastic tube around the syringe could slide down to safe ly cover the needle.The Becton Dickinson 5cc syringe used by Maryann Rockwood in 2005, however, did not yet have such a protective watch over built into it. The AIDS epidemic has posed peculiarly acute dilemmas for health workers, including doctors and nurses. Doctors performing surgery on AIDS patients throne easily prick their fingers with a scalpel, needle, sharp instrument, or even bone fragment and can become infected with the virus. The greatest risk is to nurses, who, after routinely removing an intravenous system, drawing blood, or delivering an injection to an AIDS patient, can easily stick themselves with the needle they were using. Needlestick injuries occur frequently in large hospitals and account for rough 80 percent of report occupational exposures to HIV among health do workers. It was conservatively estimated in 2005 that about 64 health care workers were then being infected with HIV distributively year as a result of needlestick injuries.Although the fear of H IV had heightened concerns over needlestick injuries, HIV was not the besides risk posed by needlestick injuries. Hepatitis B can also be contracted through an accidental needlestick. In 2000, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) estimated, on the basis of hospital reports, that each year at to the lowest degree 12,000 health care workers are expose to blood contaminated with the Hepatitis B virus, and of these 250 die as aconsequence. Due to underreporting, however, the actual subdues may be luxuriouslyer. In addition to Hepatitis B, needlestick injuries can also transmit numerous separate viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections, as well as toxic drugs or early(a) agents that are delivered through a syringe and needle.The total statistics on needlestick injuries in 2005 are disturbing, although the exact incidence of contamination is unclear. It was estimated that each year, in the united States alone, in the midst of 800,000 and 1 million needlestick injuries occurred in hospitals of these, amongst 60,000 and 300,000 resulted in Hepatitis B infection. By one estimate, the risk of contracting HIV from a known contaminated needle could be as high as 1 in 1000, and the risk of contracting Hepatitis B, a serious and ofttimes life-threatening condition, could be as high as 1 in 6. These estimates would imply that as many as 600 to 1000 health care workers were at risk of contracting HIV and as many as 100,000 were at risk of contracting Hepatitis B. some(prenominal) agencies stepped in to set guidelines for nurses, including the American Nursing Association, the CDC, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Food and dose Administration (FAD), who all developed such guidelines. The most comprehensive guidelines were issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), who on December 6, 2001, required hospitals and other employers of health workers to (a) make sharps containers (safe needle containers) accessible to workers, (b) prohibit the practice of recapping needles by holding the cap in one hand and inserting the needle withthe other, and (c) provide knowledge and training on needlestick prevention to employees.The usefulness of these guidelines was controversial. Nurses work in high-stress emergency situations requiring quick action, and they are often pressed for time both because of the large number of patients they must care for and the highly variable needs and demands of these patients. In such workplace environments, it is difficult to adhere to the guidelines recommended by the agencies.For example, a high-risk source of needle sticks is the technique of replacing the cap on a needle (after it has beenused) by holding the cap in one hand and inserting the needle into the cap with the other hand. OSHA guidelines specifically warned against this two-handed technique of recapping and instead required that the cap be placed on a stable surface and the nurse use a one-handed spearing technique to replace the cap. (Note that recapping the needles in this more time consuming way presented no risk of needlestick injury to the user). As noted above however, nurses are often pressed for time (and are keenly aware of the added danger of walking around with an uncapped needles) and tend to take the two-handed recapping shortcut when no able surface is readily purchasable for the safer one-handed capping technique.This fact is known to Hospital administrators, who regularly warn against such practices, and offer ongoing training and retraining opportunities to their nursing staff. Several analysts suggested that the peculiar features of the nurses work environment made it unlikely that needlesticks would be prevented through mere guidelines alone The problem was not the worker, but the forge of the needle and syringe. Experts on needlestick injuries argued that, rather than trying to teach health care workers to use a untamed artifice safely, the focus should be o n the hazardous product design and that a full new array of devices in which condom is an integral part of the design was required. Regulators also urged manufacturers to provide the health care worker with devices in which safety was built into the design.The risks of contracting life-threatening diseases by the use of needles and syringes in health care settings had been well documented since the early 1980s. substantially over half of all the needles and syringes used by U.S. health care workers since 1980 were being manufactured by Becton Dickinson. Despite the emerging crisis, however, Becton Dickinson decided not to diversify its syringes, although it did include in each box of needled syringes an insert warning of the danger of needlesticks and of the dangers of two-handed recapping. On December 23, 2000, the U.S. Patent office issued patent number 4,631,057 to Charles B. Mitchell for a syringe with a tube surrounding the body of the syringe that could be pulled down to c over and protect the needle on the syringe. At the time, at least four other patents for needle-shielding devices existed. As Mitchell noted in his patent application, those devices all suffered from serious drawbacks. One of themwould not lock the protective cover over the exposed needle, one was extremely complex, another was much longer than a standard syringe and difficult to use, and a fourth was designed primarily for use on animals.It was Mitchells assessment that his invention was the only effective, easily usable, and easily manufactured device capable of protecting users from needlesticks, particularly in emergency periods or other times of high stress. Unlike other syringe designs, Mitchells was shaped and sized like a standard syringe so nurses already familiar with standard syringe design would have no difficulty adapting to it. Shortly after Mitchell patented his syringe, Becton Dickinson purchased from him an exclusive license to manufacture it. A few months later, Be cton Dickinson began knit tests of early models of the syringe using a 3cc model. Nurses and hospital personnel were enthusiastic when shown the product.However, they warned that if the company priced the product too high, hospitals, with pressures on their budgets rising, could not buy the safety syringes. With concerns about HIV rising fast, the company decided to market the product.In 2001, with the field tests completed, Becton Dickinson had to decide which syringes would be marketed with the protective sleeves. Sleeves could be put on all of the major(ip) syringe sizes, including 1cc, 3cc, 5cc, and 10cc syringes. However, the company decided to market only a 3cc version of the protective sleeve. The 3cc syringes account for about half of all syringes used, although the larger sizes-5cc and 10cc syringes-are preferred by nurses when drawing blood. This 3cc syringe was marketed in 2002 under the trademarked name Safety-Lok Syringe. It was promoted as a device that virtually elim inates needlesticks. The 3cc safety syringe with the protective sleeve was exchange in 2001 to hospitals and doctors offices for between 50 and 75 cents. By 2003, the company had dropped the price to 26 cents per unit. At the time, a regular syringe without any protective device was priced at 8 cents per unit and cost 4 cents to make. Information about the cost of manufacturing the new safety syringe is unavailable but is estimated at between 13 and 20 cents each.The difference between the priceof a standard syringe and the price of the safety syringe was an obstacle for customers. To switch to the new safety syringe would increase the hospitals costs for 3cc syringes by a factor of three. An equally important impediment to adoption was the fact that the syringe was available in only one 3cc size, and it was perceived to be of limited application. Hospitals are reluctant to adopt and adapt to a product that is not available for the whole range of applications the hospital must conf ront. In particular, hospitals often needed the larger 5cc and 10cc sizes to draw blood, and Becton Dickinson had not made these available with a sleeve.For 5 years, Becton Dickinson manufactured only 3cc safety syringes. During that period, Becton Dickinson did not license its new safety syringe technology to another manufacturer that might have produced a full range of syringe sizes. Most hospitals and clinics, including the medical facility where Maryann Rockwood worked at drawing blood from many patients with Hepatitis B or HIV, did not stock the Becton Dickinson safety syringe. Most nurses in the United States continued to use unprotected syringes. Maryann Rockwood sued Becton Dickinson, alleging that, because it alone had an exclusive right to Mitchells patented design, the company had a duty to provide the safety syringe in all its sizes, and that by withholding other sizes from the market it had contributed to her injury. The case was settled out of court.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Audit Staffing Memo Essay

I first wanted to thank you for congratulating me on my recent promotion I look forward to working with you on the new Apollo Shoes engagement. I have read all the information you sent me about Apollo Shoes to gain a better understanding of the company, and I feel like I have a firm grasp of the company structure and environment. After reviewing the companys last three get along with of directors meetings, I determined what expertise would be necessary to carry out the audit on Apollo Shoes. If you can assign these staff to our audit team, the productivity and effectiveness of the audit testament increase significantly. The first staff member that would be greatly helpful to our audit team would be an information technology specialist. In the board meeting held on June 30, the board authorized up to $1.2 million for the purchase and installation of a new information system. However, to fund the purchase and compensation other expenses, the board authorized a draw of over $44 mill ion, which seems very excessive.Having an IT specialist impart help us determine the total terms of installing a new information system and bring light to why the board drew over $44 million to fund the purchase. some other staff member that would be helpful to our audit team would be a property, plant, and equipment specialist. Despite authorizing the purchase of equipment totaling $1.3 million in January of 2014, the equipment was still not aim up during the January 2015 board meeting. A property, plant, and equipment specialist could help us determine the accounting implications of purchasing the equipment in 2014 and still not having it set up in 2015, as far as depreciation and cost recognition are concerned. Quite possibly the most important staff member that we will aim on our audit team is a lawyer or legal expert, for a variety of different situations.The first and most glaring situation that will need to be addressed is the board advancing $1,250,000 directly to Mr. L ancaster to cover personal legal expenses for his secretary. Recording it in other receivables instead of employee advances and drawing a check directly to Mr. Lancaster set off a red flag for us and we would like a legal expert to look further into the situation. other situation that will need the attention of a legal expert is a class action suit that was brought against Apollo Shoes for gross negligence and infringement of warranty for $12,000,000. A legal expert could help usdetermine the probability that Apollo Shoes will lose the case.The company does not have amends to cover these types of actions, so losing this case could have huge implications on their cash balances. One of the last situations we would like the legal expert to look into was the retroactive annunciation of dividends in January of 2015. At that board meeting, they approve to declare the dividends in the previous year, which we are not sure is allowed, so a legal expert could perpetrate us better insight into the situation. These three specialists seem to be the most necessary staff members after reviewing all of the companys board meetings, and they will be of substantial help if you could assign them to our audit team. If I determine that I need any additional staff support in the future, I will let you know throughout the audit process.

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Analyze the impact of geography and economic Essay

Geography and economic activity often determine the future of any civilization. Here, iodin is forced to admit that most of the obvious differences among the ancient civilization mess be drawn based on their geographical location and, of course, their economic recital (Wells, 561). Let us take the example of Roman and Mesopotamian civilizations. Roman civilization is centered on a powerful city situated on the Capitoline Hills. In the beginning of Romes history, most of the people were either farmers or small-scale deal outrs.When Rome expanded into central and southern Italy at the beginning of the C contrivancehaginian Wars, its policy-makers were faced with this fundamental question, How do we protect our trade interests? The answer was expansionism. Rome acquired territories in the East either by conquest or forced dip of kingdoms (for example, Bithynia and Pergamum). Romes economic interests led to the expansion of the Roman Republic. When this republic was becoming large r and larger, the need for a more despotic, efficient form of presidential term was becoming a reality.From 88 B. C. to 31 B. C. , the Republic became an avenue of power struggle between powerful public officials. (Such necessity was never a probabilistic tendency, rather a deterministic one) Rome, in 100 B. C. was not yet a center of trade and commerce. As such, only by expansion can Rome protect its economic interests (Wells, 585). The Mesopotamian civilization is situated on the so-called Fertile Crescent or the junction of the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers. Its geographical location was suited for trade and commerce.In fact, it was the center of trade in the Middle East, controlling the flow of goods from the Far East to the Pillars of Hercules (Toynbee, 266). Hence, most of the city-states founded on the Fertile Crescent were prosperous and comparatively peaceful. Wars usually occurred as a means of dresstling disputes among rulers of city-states. Expansionism was never an importan t issue. Unlike Rome, most of the city-states preferred to negotiate rather than engage in dear(p) wars. For example, when Uruk defeated a powerful city-state in 1560 B. C., it was faced with an important fundamental question, Is it necessary to occupy the city-state? The answer was an obvious no. Occupation only entailed change magnitude cost and resentment from the local population. It was more rational to keep the city under constant political surveillance than to actually occupy it. Only at the time of Sargon that was political view radically altered. 2. What do surviving working ( nontextual matter or architecture) tell us about culture? Compare pagan art to Christian art and Greek art to Roman art. Art and architecture define the ideology and prevailing beliefs of exceptional historical periods (Zaide, 419).Historical periods here do not simply refer to space and time, rather to actual events conforming to specific ideologies (Zaide, 420). Art and architecture also define the way of life of particular groups of people located in specific milieu. Hence, one may argue that works of art generally reflect the exterior and interior tendencies of people that is, works of art define the psychology and behavior of peoples. For example, the painting The Night watch (by Rembrandt) reflects the ideological resistance of the Dutch nation against Spanish imperialism.Christian art is basically different from pagan art in two respects. First, Christian art rests on the twin principles of equality (not to be confused with the equality espoused by the cut Revolution) and simplicity (Zaide, 549). Early Christian art depicted the symbolic reign of Christ on earth this is symbolic of the simplicity of Christian life. During the reign of Constantine the Great, Christian art (although still rests on the concept of simplicity) became the emblem of imperial authority and the Divine Trinity (note that early Christian art only depicted the trope of Christ).Constantine the Great ordered the construction of great basilicas to proclaim this new interpretation of Christian art. Second, Christian art centered on a single set of ideology. Christian art and philosophy centered on the nature of the Divine Trinity, the simplicity of Christian life, and the majesty of the Roman Church. Pagan art was a tropic spot of eastern, Greek, and Roman religious philosophy. Pagan art was simply the result of the mixture of pagan philosophies. Roman art is different from Greek art in two respects. First, Roman art was generally a modification of Greek art. The invention of concrete during the 1st century A.D. greatly advanced Roman art and architecture. For example, the simple amphitheatre of the Greeks was transformed into a colosseum. Concrete allowed the construction of more complex structures. Second, Greek art was essentially religious in character (this is program line is debatable for some historians). Roman art and architecture was a mixture of religious and po litical philosophies. Works Cited Toynbee, Arnold. A History of the World. New York Macmillan Publishing Company, 1964. Wells, Herbert. An draw of History. Oxford Oxford University Press, 1947. Zaide, Gregorio. History of Art. Manila Manila Publishing Company.

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“Patriotism by Yukio Mishima Essay

Many people consider suicide a moral wrong or cowardly in that it is taking the easy way bulge of a tough situation. And, by our modern standards, that is typic every(prenominal)y the case. But, in the case of the story, Patriotism, written by Yukio Mishima, the suicide Lieutenant Shinji and his wife Reiko committed was the noble and beneficial thing. The couple run d letd together in order to preserve their honor and loyalty, which were key in setting of this story.To truly judge the characters for their heroism, the setting of the story must be understood. Patriotism is set in Japan in 1936, which was the pre-World War II era. Patriotism and loyalty were at an all-time high, which created an atmosphere of duty and determination to serve. With that mindset, two characters were justified to have themselves for what they believed was the greater good. The story centers about the ideas of loyalty and the sacrifice required for that loyalty.Heroism is about sacrificing the self fo r the greater good. Sometimes that sacrifice is fate of a natural sequence of events, and sometimes it is a radical swerve from the path a person is on. Regardless, heroism requires a change to benefit others, frequently having the potential to harm the hero. A hero must decide that others are to be placed before themselves they acknowledge that their very being is meant to aid the millions around them. In addition, heroes have a cause to fight for. The cause can be world impacting, or as simple as affecting one(a) person. Whatever the cause is, a hero must dedicate themselves fully to what they believe.Heroes are in pursuit of perfection, but acknowledge their shortcomings as an obstacle to use around in order to help others. Heroes willingly accept their duty and put one acrosst dislike the sacrifices their decisions often require. Heroes are humble in their actions and dont expect anything in return for their attempts to improve the lives of others. As Brodi Ashton, author of Everneath, puts it, Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with. Reiko follows that path of heroism, which for her, ends with the greatest sacrifice a piece can give- their life.In Patriotism, Reiko and Shinji sacrifice their lives to preserve their honor for their beliefs, but again, Reiko makes the larger sacrifice. Reiko belongs to two causes she dedicates her life to her country, but more importantly, to her conserve. She has no influence ties to the government, and couldve gone on without her hubby. Reiko had the potential to create a new life for herself, but choses to give up her life for a man she is in sleep together with.Ever since her marriage her husbands existence had been her own existence and every breath of his had been a breath drawn by herself. But now, time her husbands existence in pain was a vivid reality, Reiko could find in this grief of hers no certain proof at all of her own existence (19). Reiko had so fully dedica ted herself to her husband that his pain became her pain and his death certainly had to become her death.Reiko is also a willing player in the sacrifice her husband finds truly necessary. Not merely that, she is willing to sacrifice herself even before understanding the whole situation. In the lieutenants face, as he hurried silently into the snowy morning, Reiko had read the determination to die. If her husband did not return her own decision was made she too would die (3).Both Reiko and Shinji sacrifice their lives for the greater good, Reiko makes the bigger sacrifice by dying for both her countrys honor and her loyalty to her true love, Shiniji. Reiko firmly believed that everything her husband was feeling or thinking now, his anguish and distress, was leading her- just as surely as the power in his flesh- to a welcome death. She felt as if her body could melt away with ease and be transformed to the merest fraction of her husbands thought (4).Even in her final hours, Reiko hum bles herself to a carriage below her husband and is content with the sudden change in her fate. Reiko doesnt boast of her confidence or willingness to die for her lover, but humbly follows her husbands pursuit of duty through death. Whereas most people in the same situation would fearfully and stressfully await their death, Reiko approaches it as the next step in her life.Reiko did not linger. When she though how the pain which had previously opened such a gulf between herself and her dying husband was now to become a part of her own experience, she saw before her only the joy of herself entering a realm her husband had already made his own (22). Reiko is content, even joyful, with her current situation. She doesnt resent her husband for asking her to die along with him, but sees it as the next step in her life and has embraced the path.Reiko sacrificed what could have potentially been a fulfilling life for the man of her dreams- a man that she loved so deeply that she was willing to die along with him to maintain a sense of dignity toward her country and her husband. Not only did she agree to die along with him, she accepted the fact that she would watch him die first, as a witness, and then followed through on her agreement to die herself. notwithstanding the pain that event caused, Reiko was willing to witness her husbands death, simply because he asked her to.She understood her duty as a lieutenants wife in a time of war and accepted Shinjis interpretation of loyalty. In Reikos mind, death wasnt thrust upon her it was a peaceful necessity. Reiko accepted the fate her husband asked upon her simply because of her love for her country, and even more than that, the love for her husband. That sense of loyalty, particularly loyalty without complaint, comes from a true hero who died for her passions.

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How Far Do the Sources Suggest That James I’s Extravagance?

How far do the springs suggest that it was James Is profligate giving was the cause of his monetary problems? On the face of it the sources seem to disagree on this issue. Sources ten and twelve seem to show that James dissolute giving was the cause of his monetary problems however source eleven seems to show that it was non James extravagant giving that caused his financial problems.In source ten, Matthew Hutton states that, His majestys subjects hear and fear that King James heroic and excellent temperament is too inclined to giving and that this will soon exhaust the treasury of his kingdom, thus implying that Jamess extravagant nature was and will be the cause of his financial problems. This is further backed up by source twelve as it states that James is very generous with his gifts and that gifts to the Scots are causing an incurable leak from the cistern, this is demonstrating how James extravagance is causing him financial trouble.Whereas on the face of it source el even seems to disagree with the other dickens sources as it demonstrates how it was not James extravagance that was causing him financial trouble. In this source it states that payments to the king, for example taxes are not paid or collected and excessively The Earl of Dorset goes on to say that the fact James I has a family is another reason for his financial trouble.Furthermore as this this is a letter from the Lord Treasurer to The premier of the Exchequer this is the most reliable source about whether it was James extravagance that was causing him financial problems as between them they are the people who look aft(prenominal) and maintain the treasury. However it sack up be argued that all three sources agree to a large extent that it was not James extravagant personality that caused his financial problems.Firstly in source twelve it does not specifically say that he is extravagant also at the time it was indite, 1604, James the I was not genuinely in debt and so this is not a very reliable source to find out whether James extravagance caused him financial problems. Source twelve can also back up the point that it was not James extravagant giving that caused him financial difficulty as it states that, Parliament could replenish the treasury of his Majesty Treasury.This implies that it was parliament who caused James financial troubles as they did not give him the funds needed to suffice all of his needs, and so in order to negotiate with others he had to resort to giving as he was not given the money needed to create an army. Also, in source twelve the person who wrote the letter was not a part of the government and so this means that he would not have been that close to James to be able to judge whether he was an extravagant giver or not.This is backed up further by his statement, I understand from common talk thus implying that these are just rumours and so they are not a reliable source of information for the listener, in this case John More, and as the information was not reliable that makes the source not reliable. Furthermore, as source ten was written a few years before the rest it was not that reliable and this was further proved by the fact that it is written before the time that James ends up in debt.Therefore the sources, when taken together, show that it was not James Is extravagant giving that caused his financial difficulties, except that there were a lot of contributing factors stated in source eleven which is the most reliable source and should therefore have the most system of weights put onto it. This is because the source is between the two leading members who are looking after James Is money.And sources ten and twelve are not that reliable so they do have so much weight put onto them thus backing up further that it was not James extravagant personality as on the face of it that was they suggest but. But when the sources are looked at collectively they show that it was not James extravagant giving that cau sed him financial trouble. Brendon Head Word Count (686 words)

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English Essay: “On the Lake”

The definition of a good parent Is it being the sensible big revealted that is the perfect example of how to act properly, or does this interpretation of a good parent also include a wild site which allows breaking the rules from clock time to time for the fun of it? On the Lake, by Loaf Alfonse 2008, he reviews the problem of being a responsible adult and a good role model, and til now being able to be an interesting and fun person to be with. It is a typical story genre text, by the in medias-rest, the short stop consonant of time the story trenches on, the few characters and by the open ending of the story.The main theme in the short story is being a good parent. By this not meaning doing what is the safest and the right thing to do, but doing what is fun and exciting for your children. This is being expressed in the act of wild cruising on the lake. This is neither a safe nor a responsible thing to do, but it is fun for the son, although the cruise almost took a fatal turn, by capsizing. Afterwards it is about whether or not Oscar is to blame for this accident, which he tries to avoid at his very best by blaming deluge (p. 4, II. 5-36) whenever he mentions the episode, serving scotch or by offering a game of cards. It the story, it seems as if Margaret is very overprotecting towards Oscar. She sits with him till he fall asleep, and constantly checks on him while he is sleeping, listening to his breath takes, and if she can not hear it, she puts her ear to his mouth and nose (p. 2, II. 2-6). This persistently surveillance is caused by the near drowning experience her son unspoilt had. Oscar is still very young, 6 years old, and is still not aware of what s best for him, and is not capable of estimating the risks and dangers by his actions.He saw how Whelm was sailing, and wanted to do the same, unaware of the danger by doing so. Whelm plays a crucial in the outcome of this story. Not only he is responsible for the rescue of Jonas and Oscar, but he is also partly the reason of the lot sailing by Oscar. While Whelm making tight turns and wild sailing on the lake, Jonas would watch enthralled and fascinated. This later on result in Jonas wants to do the same thing in his ride, but is disappointed of his fathers boring cruising. You never do anything fun like the man in the white boat (p. , II. 10-11), Jonas stated towards his father. Oscar became rather irritated, and wanted to go home. He gave the boat full throttle, and tried his best to assume his son doing tight turns on the lake. The urge to impress Jonas, and the safety violations, culminated in the boat capsizing. Whelm was watching Oscar and Jonas cruise, as his barbeques was heating up (p. 4, l. 36), and saw them overturn, and him and his friend, Bicorn, sailed out to save them from drowning. Happen next, a typical novel genre feature called a cliffhanger.It ends with Oscar suspecting an evolving sexual relationship between Margaret and Vilely, while being out for sco tch and the binoculars with Boson (p. 6, II. 12-15). He checks to see if they are viewable through the binoculars, but he is unable to see them in the living room. He runs up to the house, and finds them in the living room, having a suspicion about they had Just sat down again. As he steps in, Whelm says that it is late, and decides to leave with Bicorn. Margaret had found out that Oscar let go of Jonas hand and that he was saved in the lead Jonas. This was very upsetting for Margaret to find out Oscar left his son.There is not a universal definition of a good father, but I believe on that point are certain clichs for the father figure, such as he is a strong, care-taking, encouraging and inspiring role model whom you can rely on. These features it not entirely adjectives that fits the father in the novel, such as he lets Jonas down, and afterwards is trying to blame others for his mistake, although he is trying as hard as assertable to become a good parent. This story can be re lated to the movie which also is about an Indian father who wants the best for his sons, but in the end has caused more harm than good.

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Working with Exceptional Children

The importance for an Educational assist in getting more general k nowledge closely children with exceptionalities is needed because more domesticates across Canada ar integrating more exceptional children into regular classrooms settings . According to a study that was done and revealed that in the mid(prenominal) 60s there was about 1000 children with learning disabilities within the public school system, some 20 years later, the numbers sky rocketed to be around 197,000 these numbers were mentioned in the EADP course.These numbers be still growing and the concept of inclusion was first implemented in the mid 1980s. Many institutions were keep out down and many of the children were either sent back home into their communities and in other cases where this wasnt an pickaxe they were sent into group homes. In the classroom it change to where some student were sent to experience educational integrating. The children would befuddle the joy of the experience some of the schoo l structure and activities which includes gym, arts, home economics and other programme to suit their needs.With the process of mainstreaming the class sizes atomic number 18 increasing, therefore the t for each oneers responsibilities atomic number 18 greater. This impacts educational retainers by having to upgrade their knowledge. The teachers responsibilities towards all students is to make them feel safe in the school environment. They are also responsible for endning a curriculum that leave meet every students needs, to the child who are considered normal and to the children who are considered exceptional.In the teachers curriculum adaptation is needed so each child receives the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to progress in their abilities. With the help of an educational assistant who has received general information about children with exceptionalities the teachers work load is alleviated. Knowledge helps the educational assistant effectiveness in interacting wi th children who are exceptional. The educational assistant will have a better understanding of the teachers needs and the needs of children with exceptionalities.There is a broad range of different exceptionalities so the educational assistant need to be flexible and learn how to deal basis. The educational assistant will know how to clear out the program that was adapted for the child without any long explanations from the teacher. The educational assistant, will facilitate the travail and give the teacher more time to give one on one time to every individual student. Also knowing how to carry out the program will help to facilitate the integration of the child to the regular classes.The knowledge and importance of knowing how to take proper written documentation will ensure accurate and helpful data on the child progress. It will record on fooling a basis which will help the teacher and the team to make adaptations in their intervention plan so that the child will be able to re ach their long and short term goals. As a team frivoler the educational assistant will have the knowledge and help play an important role with the teacher in implementing techniques of behaviour management which will increase effectiveness in the classroom.With time, peoples view and acceptance have changed making children with exceptionalities easier to integrate in the classroom . The demands of educational assistant have also changed with time . The task of an educational assistant has become more complex and they are now playing a bigger role and assuming more responsibilities. Having more general knowledge about exceptional children is essential. Well trained educational assistants are a key resource for teachers, children and the whole school system as they all work together as a team for the child.

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Guidelines for Proposal Writings

When it comes to the human service field pass on funding and the funding weapons platforms are both very(prenominal) definitive to the different organizations and agencies. In the paper it leave appropriate the reader with the different definitions of a unavoidably story, set asides or proposals and quantitative and qualitative selective in set upion. It forget in any case state what the purpose of a hires judicial decision is. Further along in the paper the basic format for writing a proposal or generate provide be explained. There then allow be steps explaining why distributively of the elements is important. How and where do you expend quantitative and qualitative data in a proposal will reason out the paper.A bring instruction sets the frame pull in for the entire proposal, as it will describe a diminutive set of conditions or a social need affecting good deal or things in a particular place at a specific time (Carlson& ONeal- McElrath, 2008). One of the main purposes of a need assessment is to help assist with some agencies planning. A need statement keep be the turning head word that will help the funder to give thought on a non- profit request. When it comes to exploitation a need statement the writer has to increaseress the organization purpose and mission statement. inwardly the need statement it should generally approach what type of clients their specific organization will or already serving. When there is a need for your specific organization you and the organization draw to be well supported and withdraw evidence to back it up. The facts back be on the views or trends found in the experience of doing the work (Carlson & ONeal- McElrath, 2008). The statement should be easy to understand, by keeping it sweet and simple you can meet the goal of making sure the reader understand your true need. When stating your agency need the writer has to deem sure there are true facts and good sources.Also never assume and use doc uments that do not wee those legitimate facts. Make sure you state who have spoken on your specific topic, likewise elucidate sure all data are documented, use touching stories of different individuals for an pillow slip and give the funder a clear view of the urgency of your request (Carlson & O Neal- McElrath, 2008). When using people to provide the different touching stories within the grant, you have to make sure the agency and the specific individual have data to back up the story. By giving the funder a clear view of your need they will then see how urgent your request is for funds for your specific agency.There is a difference between an assessment and a needs assessment in the examination of learning. A regular assessment will move you forward to academic or professional awards which normally will include measurement of the performance, adequateness by an accessor and information that has been gathered. As for the needs statement it may have some similarities but former ly again it is mainly based off of professional judgment and data. The need assessment methods are particular(a) by the standards of the assessment but it will eventually fall into the trap of assessing only a sign up range of needs (Learning Needs Assessment, 2013).After you have your need assessment and other things such as the mission and vision statement, you then go on to create the grant or proposal. A grant is an award made to an individual or an institution to support the specific costs of the project murder or continuation ( establish Writing Guidelines, 2013). Every grant has to make a compelling case. The presentation of the grant must be well spoken on as well as the ideas of the organization. The grant should alike be clearly organized, well planned and goal oriented. When the grant has these in order the chance of acquire accepted is higher.The basic format for writing a standard grant or proposal includes the quest expand letter, proposal stocky or abstract, introduction describing the grant seeker or organization, problem statement or need statement, project objectives, methods or design project evaluation, the incoming funding and project reckon (How to Develop and Write A soften Proposal, 2007). To start the grant you have the subvention letter. On the cover letter it will include who the letter will be addressed to at the funding source. The cover will have the mission of the agency and discuss in which ways their project can add asset to the current goals.Also within the cover letter you should limit the paragraphs to no more than four. In a federal or state grant a cover letter is normally not needed unless they ask for adept. The cover letter is important in the grant writing process delinquent to it is your chance to let the funder know up front about the agency goals and to let them know the grant will fulfill the requirements. The introduction of the application will let the agency describe their organization and borde r that they are qualified for the project at consider (How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal, 2007).In this prick the history of the organization, goals and mission, how significant it is and the accomplishments and any success stories will be inserted. If the agency have original any endorsements, press coverage or previous grants it should be used as a reference book with supporting documents. You also will need to speak on the staff and the list of board directors. The summary part is important due to it is the part where the agency can establish their credibility and get their point across (How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal, 2007). The coterminous section of the proposal would be the need statement.The need statement is important due to it states the problem that you are addressing and the main reason of your proposal. The need statement which was previously discussed covers the areas as follows recipients, who they are and how they benefit and receive services, social economic cost, the problem at hand with facts to support, stress what gaps exist in addressing the problem that is talked about in the proposal (How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal, 2007). Also at the end of the need statement you should explain the time frame of the program to the funder and why securing the funds is critical to your organization.The goals and objective is important to the proposal because it states what your organization hope to achieve. It will also help when you use powerful language that will be persuasive to the reader. The agency should always make sure that all goals and objectives are measureable. Also make sure the objective explains who and what you will be serving. The next part of the grant is the program design. This section shows how the project will work and solve the current problem at hand (How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal, 2007).Within this section you will have to be explicit, and be able to explain why the methods that you have chosen are the best and how they will make your objectives reachable. Within the program design you will state the supplies such as the equipment services take and the resources for this project. An evaluation plan should be a consideration in every stage of the proposal phylogeny (How to Develop And Write a Grant Proposal, 2007). Sometimes the evaluation is where some organizations fall short. The evaluation is important to the proposal due to this is the main part where grant reviewers will look.The evaluation states how you will measure your results for your project. You also as an organization have to make sure methods and the objectives are consistent and explain how you will use the findings. The project sustainability is where the grant funder has funded the agency and now wants to see the results through the project sustainability (How to Develop And Write A Grant Proposal, 2007). In the project sustainability section you and the agency should restate the goals or pl ans for the project that you are seek to promote.You should also as an agency state how funds will continue to flow in the future for the program. Some of the plans for the agency future could be things such as blueprints of how the plans will work, and include the hiring staff and other contractors if needed. The cipher section is very important due to this is where you ask for the money for your organization program. The format of the budget should be clear for the funder to understand. In the budget section it will include personal expenses and project expenses. The budget section should always start with a proposal statement.Generally budgets are divided into two categories one being the personnel cost and the second being the non-personnel cost (How to Develop And Write A Grant Proposal, 2007). In the personnel cost this is where the salaries on the employees come in and the health care as well. The non-personnel section will include utilities, equipment and the rental or the cost of leasing you agency building. When writing a grant you will always use quantitative and qualitative data within your query. numerical methods will output overweight numbers while qualitative methods use descriptive data (Quantitative and qualitative Evaluation Methods, 2013). soft data can sometimes include audio recordings, photos and other data. Qualitative methods have been used in research to explain specific methods, but can also show examples of the different applications at the same time. Qualitative method can be used in many complex settings for different interactions. Some of the interactions can be among professional groups and different organizations. Qualitative data will help clarify values, language and meanings attributed to people who play different roles in organizations and communities (Qualitative Methods, 2013). Qualitative data are gathered by interviews and observations.The qualitative gather up small numbers and can use open ended questionnaires w hen needed. A strength that qualitative data has is it can gather multiple methods and provide information on more difficult issues. Some of the limitations could be the time it would take to collect the data. Another limitation is it can sometimes be difficult to analyze. As an organization you can collect qualitative data by observation, interviews and focus groups (Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods, 2013). Quantitative data can be analyzed by using statistical methods. Some census, government statistics can include quantitative evaluations.Quantitative can have strengths and weakness as well as Qualitative did. A strength that it has is data that is usually collected is efficient and easy to analyze. One limitation that is has is sometimes the data can be too large to explain some of the complex that issues that will arise. Within the grant for the organization the quantitative can come in handy when it comes to surveys or questionnaires, post-test, existing databas es and statistical analysis. Qualitative data will be used for observations, interviews and non- statistical focus groups (Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods, 2013).In the paper it provided the reader with the different definitions of a needs statement, grants or proposals and quantitative and qualitative data. It also say what the purpose of a needs assessment is. Further along in the paper the basic format for writing a proposal or grant was explained. There then were steps explaining why each of the elements of the grant is important. Then to conclude there was how and where you use quantitative and qualitative data in a proposal. With this information provided in the paper the reader would now be able to complete a roaring proposal.References Carlson, M., & ONeal- McElrath, T. (2008). Winning Grants. Step by Step (3rd ed.). San Francisco, California Jossey- Bass. How to Develop and Write a Grant Proposal. (2007). Retrieved from http// Grant Writing Guidelines. (2013). Retrieved from http// Qualitative Methods. (2013). Retrieved from http//www/ Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods. (2013). Retrieved from http//

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Genetically Modified Foods Essay

The orb is slowly running out of sustenance. Impoverished people soak up nowhere to turn. Biotechnology researchers think they receive found a way to reverse the world famine. This way is through patrimonialally special foods which are foods that come from genetically engineered organisms. Examples of much(prenominal) organisms are sheep, cows, and fish. However, since it is a new invention, it is being met with harsh and legitimate concerns. man it may help the worlds food crisis, it may also do that at the put down of world wellness.Moreover, In the 90s in the USA, the Food and Drug Administration decided that genetically modified food was safe and did not require special regulation. They stated that is was, not inherently dangerous. (FDA, 1998). This allowed genetically modified food such as soybean oils and tomatoes to enter the market. There are scads of ideas intimately the GMF. Some scientists say that it is no libellous affects of GMF and it may be a solution f or scarcity of food and even it is healthy.However, nearly others say that GMFs are dangerous for public health. And It place damage biodiversity. genetically modified foods may be a good solition to increase the amount of food. The problem is in that respect are lots of people go to sleep hungry ein truthday and the number of hungry people is acquiring bigger. And external Food Policy Research Institute state in that respect are 120 devoloping countries which are very close to limit of hunger and 57 of which with a serious or worse hunger situation. (Global starve Index, 7)The reason of this hunger is there is not enough food to feed them and because the world population is getting higher but the areas which use in farming are getting smaller. Farmers could not find worthy area to shew their crops. That is why, They stand to find a different solution to be productive. Conko argues that biotech agriculture is the order by which we tin can increase agricultural productivit y without resorting to increases in harmful chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.In the Genetic Modification it says that genetic modification provides a means to confer resistance to broad-spectrum herbicides into crops where current weed look into is considered difficult. In this way, farmers can be more than productive and they can get more product on their fields. In the United States, in 2002 more or less 5. 5 million farmers in 145 nations were planting more than 145 million acres worth of GM crops. (Conko) On the other hand, genetically modified herbicide tolerant crops might have a negative impact on biodiversity.genetically Modified crops have an impact on birds and insect. A crop plant modified to be toxic to insect pests can have a direct harmful effect on non-target insects if they eat the plant. It can also have an indirect effect by reducing the insects that are a food source for other wildlife, such as farmland birds. Genetically Modified crops that are tolerant to herbicides could also lead to a decrement in weed populations that act as refuges for beneficial insects, and those that are eaten by birds.This process takes time because of this GM crops evaluate as a good solution but it can destroy the biological diversity. And US conservation organization Royal Society,founded in London In 1660 is a learned society for science, represent it. They state that the likelihood of the spread of Genetically modified into the wild populations, the risk of superweeds being produced, the impact Genetically modified introductions might have on the colonies of micro organisms living in the soil and how such risks can be assesed and analysed.Also John Innes Centre, Founded in England is an independent centre for research and training in plant and microbial science, state that Monarch butterfly larvae ply only on leaves covered in pollen from Bt clavus grew more slowly and suffered higher death rates and pink bollworm fed on cotton produc ing the Bt toxin. Aphids fed on Genetically Modified potatoes producing a different toxin were also reported to have a harmful effect on ladybirds feeding on the aphids. Genetically Modified crops can be beneficial for health in terms of their food value.Foods include lots of vitamins which are necessary to our body. In early days, our foods were salutary of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate and they were occupied with value. However, now there are not enough foods which are full of value. Because there are lots of environmental factors like global warming which causes to summers takes long time, and scarcity of water, and also or so pests. These factors effect the crops and farmers have to use pesticide and this cause to decrease food value. And it leads lots of health problems. And the one of the to the highest degree important health problem is Vitamin A deficiency.This is the cause of at least 1 million childishness deaths each year and is considered the single most serious c ause of blindness amongst children in the developing countries. A possible solution to this problem is the genetic modification of rice. ( Potrykus, quoted inGenetic Modification) Although GM foods are benefical for the food value, in some circumstances, it can be very harmful for human health. Without too much control eating genetically modified food can be dangerous and it can lead lots of diseases like Eosonophil myalgia Syndrome.In this debate, the Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology, is a website to educate the general public about genetic engineering in general and foods, revealed that After eating a food supplement produced by genetically engineered bacteria, 37 persons were killed 1500 people were permanently disabled in the US in a disease called Eosonophil myalgia Syndrome. It was caused by one or more extremely poisonous substances that unexpectdedly appeared in this food supplement.This accident confirms the predictions of mol ecular(a) biologists that genetic engineering can cause the appearance of dangerous unexpected substances. As a Conclusion, there are lots of arguments in the GMF. Maybe It can be a solution for lots of problems, perhaps it can be invention of the this century. I think, however, without too much researching about GMF we cannot use it to gain profit. Because human health is important than anything. We have to more careful. In the future, After very deep research about the GMF, we can solve the sustanibility problem.

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My Expectations for English This Year Essay

I am very happy to be taking English this year. I wealthy person strengths I wish to expand on and weaknesses to improve. I have two main goals for this class this year. I anticipate with the help of my teacher and classmates I can make the most of this class. I am concerned in English in many areas. For beginners, I would like to take novels. In the past, I would conduct to read short, young adult books. Now I believe I am ready to read harder, more advanced books. I used to dread writing assignments, but I have go in to realize writing is part of life. I just have to do it. Overall I make happy English class. I have more weaknesses than strengths when it comes to English. My strengths are reading well, brainstorming ideas for writing assignments, and turning readying in on time. I can read well, but the trouble comes when I need to recognize what I read.When it comes to writing, I have trouble expressing the words in a unique way. Finally, my grammar could use advantage in areas such as spelling and punctuation. After much consideration, I have come up with two goals that I hope to achieve from this class. The first one is to become a better, more advanced writer. I choose this goal because I feel communication is the key to life. In order to croak well, I need to be able to write and read. That brings me to my second goal to be able to stick to the most out of what I read. I want to be able to understand what I read. Accomplishing these goals get out help me prepare for college. I am looking forward to writing a lot of stories, essays, and ledger entries this year. I also am excited about reading novels to expand my reading level. I hope to achieve my goals. In doing all this and with practice, I hope to be well prepared for college.

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Mixed Marriages

Relationships of e very(prenominal) showcase are faced with a wide variety of problems and challenges in any given situation. Whether it involves our coworkers, neighbors, friends or family the kinetics are relatively similar and predictable within a common cultural framework. These dynamics catch more complex where marriage is concerned and differences in personalities come to the forefront. While these issues fe young-begetting(prenominal) genital organ be challenge enough for any married couple, there are additional difficulties specific to couples in a mix marriage.For the purpose of this paper, motley marriage is defined as a marriage of two battalion from una deal races, moralitys or cultures. Different customs and cultural back demonstrates net directly impact your marriage and family animation, as they melt to teach different values and priorities. This is particularly true in cases where a husband and wife were increase in different part of the world. SPECIFI C POINTS Acceptance of the mix-marriage is a major obstacle as a great deal times the families of both partners do not approve of their marriage.Mixed-marriage couples deal with unique challenges compared to traditional couples. The challenge with assorted couples is respecting each otherwises race and culture. If not, this can stool a ripple effect to the extended family. Social attitude and prejudices For instance, one partners prevalent social attitudes and common prejudices whitethorn get going to show more openly one day. When this happens, all you can do is to maintain a loving attitude and pull in lots of patience, Hans adds. But potential obstacles need to be clearly identified and candidly addressed before moving ahead.Nationalistic, ethnic, or social pride can similarly drive a wedge amidst otherwise loving spouses. One partner may (subconsciously) feel superior because he or she grew up in a higher socio-economic class than the other. Or a spouse may feel owe d something for having legalized the others citizenship through matrimony. Pride in addition heaves its head when one spouse believes that the others culture or beliefs are inferior or strange, thereby discounting the other persons importance in the relationship.Racial offenses You want to avoid making any remarks including those in a joking manner. You can also simply fasten this clear to those around you by telling them that you will avoid interactions with person who continues to be negative regarding your marriage. Firmly tell the person you will not spend time with anyone who expresses antiblack views. racial couples sometimes experience rejection or stress from their own families. This may occur because of traditional beliefs that people should marry of the same cultural background.Regardless of whether this is an issue in your marriage, its still authorised to remember to respect the beliefs and traditions of your partners family. Interracial relationships are much m ore common today. However, they can still bring unique challenges. Along with be aware of these four areas but also having sensitive and open communication, an interracial marriage can outmatch the additional challenges. Yet it also offers plenty of opportunities for couples to learn from each other and to gain new perspectives on their lives and marriage.Communication is a key issue The nonverbal stimuli in a communication, desire body language, can also lead to wrong expression and misunderstanding by different cultures. In addition, factor for space between people, certain actions, even a sense of taste needs to be taken to hit the booksation. Communication of sign is also important and can represent a groups identity speech like whats up, and yo are popular in Malaysia. Non verbal communication, High context and low context communication.Communication can be one of the biggest difficulties confront interracial or intercultural couples. This can include the challenge of l iterally utterance different languages. At first, couples tend to enjoy hearing other language spoken, but this can also become a point of contention when misunderstandings occur or when the foreign language is spoken at family gatherings. Communication also becomes an issue when it affects the appearance a couple solves problems. Family Structure issues such as male dominated societies (marriage culture), differing concepts of raising children.It always makes sense to find out as much as attainable about your partners family but it makes special sense to do so in conglomerate marriages especially concerning the culture and its traditional family structures. Mixed marriages often face additional struggles and challenges in the field of parenting. fosterage a child always leads to conflicts if the parents are not on the same page. We werent sure how to raise our kid. Whose traditions do we pass on? My friends here do not struggle as much as we do.But then again, they dont h ave to synchronize two different sets of cultural and religious backgrounds, Hans concedes. The function of extended family members in the child-rearing process, behavioral expectations, and the question of what is considered appropriate frequently cause heated discussions between Hans and Ruba. interestingly enough, we have always found a compromise so far. Despite our different outlooks, it helps us to be that we both want the best for our child.Its not easy, but we have some common ground in that. For example, I agreed that Eman should be raised as a Muslim because her faith is very important to my wife. But I didnt want her grandparents to have too much of a say. For me, child-rearing is the parents tariff and only theirs. Different cultural attitudes towards the respective roles of men and women in the home can play carnage with this area of the relationship unless husbands and wives can find ways to turn conflicts into opportunities for learning and growth.Religion and P olitics Partners in mixed marriages may be supportive of each others religious beliefs but still often run into unexpected issues. Differences in the way people in these marriages celebrate certain holidays or have dietary restrictions are to be expected. Politics can be problematic if world view is passing polarized ie. Convervative/Liberal/Socialist/Communist Food Culture We often clash over specific issues, like food. It drives me crazy that she doesnt even let me cook pork. I think our arguments have gotten worse since the have of our daughter.As in any relationship or marriage, both partners have to be flexible and open-minded when facing unexpected arguments and issues. INFORMATION TO DRAW FROM FOR SUMMARY OR WHATEVER In the first place, its important to acknowledge and understand how contrasting customs and cultural backgrounds are likely to impact your marriage and family life. The way youre brought up is the way youll live unless you make a conscious choice to embrace another option. Different customs and cultures teach different values and priorities.Normally, this means that interracial or multicultural couples have a unique need to bend, flex, compromise, and accommodate to one anothers contrasting ways of looking at life. This is especially true if a husband and wife grew up in different parts of the world. In mixed marriages, arguments may come up more often because of the different cultural backgrounds, Ruba says. Its just a lot more challenging. Clashing values When you come from different families of origin, you will make different assumptions about how a family works. These assumptions wont always be compatible.However, this is the case in virtually marriages. In an interracial relationship, theres a good chance that at least some of these challenges will be accented, especially if you choose to have children. Comparisons You and your partner bring unique differences to the marriage. These differences should be embraced and may like ly be some of the most enriching parts of your lives. You want to discuss with your partner what you each consider most important in any traditions or cultural beliefs. 1. You both come from ends of the world, where the way of life is totally different.Yours will be a major leap of adjustments. The difference in practices about religion as well as political beliefs may have to result to one acquiescing to the others belief just to have a harmonious relationship. 2. Prejudice on social practices, such as sex-selective abortion, often cause early breakup of the marriage as one may not be ready to fully embrace this new-found culture you are bound to live due to marriage. 3. The language bulwark often results to miscommunication and misunderstanding that sadly leads to divorce or separation.

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Bank Role in a Nations Economy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bank Role in a Nations Economy - Research Paper ExampleNevertheless, a discussion of a bunco history of coin brinking would provide a good background on the utilisation of this financial institution two centuries ago.As mentioned before, storehouses were considered banks Nevertheless, even when barter was replaced by currency, the existence of a bank as a financial institution was not yet fully established. In fact, Hildreth ( 1837) wrote that the first bank in Genoa, Venice came into being only after the Republic ended. Hildreth recounts The Republic is engaged in war, and falling short of funds, had recourse to a forced loan. The contributors to that loan, were allowed an annual interest of four percent on the sums they had been obliged to summate certain branches of the public revenue were assigned for the payment of that interest and a corporation, entitled the CHAMBER of LOANS, was created for the register purpose of looking after this business, managing those branches of t he revenue assigned to the lenders and attending to, and securing the punctual payment of the interest, as it evil due( Hildreth, 1837,p.5)The Chamber fulfilled some of the roles that modern-day banks do such(prenominal) as selling and exchange, lend money, circulating money, and accepting deposits. Later the Chamber was known as the Bank of Venice. From then, banks sprouted into different cities such as Genoa and Barcelona since they engaged in so much trade too. In our current time, banks have contend roles not much differently from the Bank of Venice. Only, the banking industry has become more complicated as internationalist trade became dynamic and currency exchange from different countries have grown.

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The diverse world of nonhuman primates( for Bioogical Anthropology) Essay

The diverse world of nonhuman primates( for Bioogical Anthropology) - act ExamplePhysically, gorillas ar strong mammals weighing between 70 and 200 kilograms depending on their size, gender, eating habits and environment. They are huge and broad and amongst them, mountain gorillas generally do not climb trees whereas in contrast, the lowland gorillas are arboreal ( Murray, 2002). Male gorillas possess a greater brain capacity and the teeth structure of gorillas is alike(p) to humans. Their reproductive cycle is one month long and only extracted by behavioral changes instead of animal(prenominal) ones and the inter birth interval of gorillas is around 4 years. Once babies are born, they are dependent on female gorillas, their mothers that is till the time they reach maturity which means around seven to fifteen years, depending on the gender. Males require more time than females (Welvaert, 2005). When young, gorillas are taught things like protecting themselves, finding out food for them, adapting to spanking in the habitat and other necessary things to become independent. Male gorillas play a very flyspeck role in upbringing of their offspring except that they protect them from external threats.Gorillas are basically herbivores and are dependent upon vegetation in their surroundings. The greater chunk of their diet is attributed to fruits while the remaining to stems, grass and seeds. They occasionally eat small bugs and termites also but that is a very negligible portion of their diet.(Welvaert, 2005)The social government activity of gorillas is very interesting. A band of gorillas can involve few individuals which could m up to 30 or more in number. The most dominant adult is responsible for the group and takes care of the females and the young with or so help from the younger males. The groups usually follow a polygamous mating system. They have the freedom to occupy their partners and form groups with either other males, females that belong to th eir own bands or stay with their initial groups(Welvaert, 2005). They live in a

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Sabmiller Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sabmiller - Case Study ExampleFrom the above tabular form, it is apparent that to a greater extent than pursuing organic growth, SAB Miller has concentrated on consolidation and expansion the latter achieved through acquisitions and strategical alliances.Porters five forces model helps in analysing the forces or aspects that influence an industry. This analysis, however, is relevant for a particular industry and not in assessing the performance at the fraternity level. This model thus helps in studying the effects of the outdoor(a) factors that drive a companys performance and output in terms of the other elements operating in the same(p) industry. The five forces constituting the model - competitive rivalry, brat of new entry, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers and threat of substitutes. All these forces ultimately affect the profitability of the company. However, these forces that affect the profitability of a company make up the business environment of a ny organization and are beyond the sphere of influence of the companys control. So, it is important for the company to develop and adopt tactics to combat these competitive forces and keep a tab on them to foreclose the upcoming trends and accordingly brace themselves with suitable strategies. Following are the forces described individually. (Ehmke C. et al, September 2004)Competitive Rivalry- The important competitor of SAB Miller was Anheuser-Busch.