Monday, May 6, 2019

Climat change and sustainable development in Saudi Arabia Essay

Climat change and sustainable development in Saudi Arabia - Essay ExampleDeforestation increases the spheric warming further by destroying the natural equilibrium existing in the planet. Middle-east countries are the major sources of enkindle oil to the world. The industrial development in these countries and rise in income levels of the people has increased the emission of babys room gases significantly during the recent years. Saudi Arabia, the largest country with more population in this region, is a leading exporter of oil. art object the oil exporting countries have the rights to exploit the natural resources, the world community expects them to contribute significantly for combating spheric warming. This paper seeks to study the role of Saudi Arabia in reducing pollution within the country and combating clime change. This paper also focuses on the various policy measures espouse by Saudi Arabia with respect to the planetary negotiations on Climate Change in combating cl imate change.The Saudi Arabian government is headed by the faggot who is helped by the Council of Ministers. The government is assisted by legislative body, Consultative Council. The country is divided by thirteen provinces headed by the governors. The judicial system in the country is based on Islamic law. In October 2003, the storage locker approved procedures for the election of half of the members of the municipal councils, as a start towards greater participation of the citizens in the governing of their country. 1 General Environmental Law and Rules for Implementation of the government envisages precautions, measures, methods and environmental standards to be adopted in relation to environmental protection along with the General Environmental Regulations and Rules for implementation in the country.Casey 2 worked The Middle East and North Africa will be especially hard hit by climate change in the coming decades, the World Bank said in a report Wednesday, saying

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