Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sustainability issues of using [material X] Essay

Sustainability issues of using material X - hear ExampleAlthough some of these resources much(prenominal) as trees, wildlife, and s cover fertility can possibly be fasten through improved conservation measures, some of the resources that are provided by nature are irreversible and they use reduces their availability (Lee, & Ofori-boateng, 2013). For instance, rock oil and fogy resources are non-renewable natural resources that get depleted with time. Even the recycling of other minerals and resources in the surrounding is likely to suffer from lack of up to(predicate) energy for the recycling process. For this reason, it is important to advert that the sustainability of other resource and natural endowment heavily depend on the sustainability and the existence of energy that is extracted from the fossil deposits. Although the energy conservation organizations are encouraging a shift in the energy sector with renewable energy sources being preferred as the replacement of the t raditional non-renewable energy sources such as oil and crude products, this pro make up shifting would only be possible with sustainability of fossil deposits (Sullivan, 2009). The overreliance on fossil and particularly oil product as the indigenous source of energy and fuel has adversely affected the capacity of these resources and thusly raising questions about their ability to sustain the faster growing world(prenominal) population over the bordering decade. Despite the economic value and contribution to the economic growth and development in general, oil and rock oil resources are likely to be fully exhausted with the ores running dry. It is therefore important for cheaper and sustainable alternate be explored to relieve oil and oil colour resources from this over-exploitation. The sustainability of the fast growing human population is determined the adequate food production, a factor that also need energy resources to be realized. Unlike in the lead century when ther e was production boom in the agricultural sector given that the dumped vast petroleum resources to support agricultural productivity (such as petroleum driven pesticides and chemicals), today, there is global hunger and famishment (Lee, & Ofori-boateng, 2013). The produces from these farms are then channeled and transported to other destinations for feed the hungry through the use of fossil fuel power engines such as trains, ships, trucks, and planes. This implies that there is relationship between the sustainability of the oil production and food products that are the primary the source of sustainability for the human general in the coming days. The excessive use of these resource have posed more problem to the world including global warming that further threaten the exploitation of oil and petroleum products (Vincenzo & Nicola, 2010). Therefore, the sustainability of the oil products depends on how effective these resources are exploited and run. Given the importance of these oil and petroleum products to the economy, fierceness should be given to these non-renewable products. Issues of Relying on Oil Products Although oil and petroleum products account for over 80% of the global energy sources, the future of these energy products raises a lot of questions (Sullivan, 2009). The use of these products is associated with a twist of environmental sustainability issues such as pollution. Pollution is the major concern on the consumption of these valuable products that have a number

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