Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Texas Attorney General Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Texas Attorney General - Research Paper caseSecure confinement indicates that the court has committed a juvenile into the secure juvenile correctional initiations custody for duration of a specific program that can run over a few months or many years. The detention of juveniles does not intend to be punitive rather, they receive bid that is consistent with that of the parent in the secure custody. The local jurisdiction or the state have the business of providing recreation, counseling, education, assessment, health work and other required services in a youths nutriment and well-being in their custody.Reservations in the secure detention are for the juveniles who pose a threat to the gum elastic of the public. Status offenders like juveniles who are charged with alcohol possession or running away from situation may be held for only 24 hours or less. There are five types of residential programs in which juveniles are detained. These programs include camps, detention, correctio ns, residential treatment and community based. The wide placement variety options are because in that location is no uniform in these programs (Lissitz, Green, 1975).The youths are supposed to be accorded the appropriate services either in confinement facilities or in the detention centers. The services available differ from the different facilities but generally, the services and programs provided are geared towards the juvenile needs. The function of the facilities is to rehabilitate the youth. The service that offers primary rehabilitation is education and it is mandatory to the detained youth (Marx, 1998).The juvenile facilities that run works, which are highly effective, provide general equivalency diploma preparation, high school curriculum, special education and opportunities of vocational training. The issues of major concerns in these centers are ineffectiveness and overcrowding. The facilities can create unbalance regarding simple logistics and become unstable and it be comes

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