Thursday, May 9, 2019

Intership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Intership - Essay ensampleThis report paper will seek to describe my experience, challenges, and recommendations in my tasks and responsibilities while serving at plunk for Harvest feed Bank. Second Harvest is an organization that deals with strategies and programs targeting local hunger. It operates in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Its operations began in 1974 and strike grown over the years to the largest food store in the region. It supplies food to nearly a shadower of the county population of which almost half of the supply is fresh farm produce. The organization purposely advices families about sustentation and health food selections. It concentrates on distributing food to low income people effectively and efficiently through say service program and collaborating with a net pretend of non-profit agencies. Some of its partner agencies are shelters, pantries, childrens program, soup kitchen, residential programs, and senior meal sites. Volunteers contribute their ho urs to perform free service at the organization and get a reward in form of food supplies. On return, these hours save on high costs of power recruitment. Such a practice enables the volunteer to practice justice by giving back to the society. I was in a position to understand the struggles other peoples undergo in life, learn how to interact with slight fortunate like orphans in the society and how to handle difficulty situations when assisting others. Duties and responsibilities Data accounting entry 68.50 hours Food kind 39.50 hours Arranging emergency bags 6 hours Helping Second Harvest bank bewilder up its set 5 hours. Filing paper 4 hours Downloading music 4 hours creating labels for salads 4 hours Working with second food bank needs very little sophistication and intellectual effort since it did not demand both technical effort. The tasks were straight forward, no need for experience, but basic information processing system knowledge for data entry were necessary. Th e tasks involved less of mental energy but more of physical energy. This is because I could file cover manually, sort food as well as arranging emergency bags. For purpose of neatness, little mental effort was essential. The preparation of the organization launch needed a lot of time and good supplying for it to come out successful and commendable. This is because the organization has many guests and partners therefore this event took a lot of forethought both mentally and physically. My internship at second Harvest food bank exposed me to the world of humankind when executing tasks (Barbur et al, 2011). It gave me the opportunity to manage my work and time effectively, ensuring that every task is completed within the set time. I prioritized my work and allocated time according to tasks complexity and lengthy. It also gave me an opportunity to improve and practice my computer skills. Working with a computer enabled me advance my basic computer knowledge, learn new programs and e ven draw an interesting working environment, as I could not get bored. The use of computer made me pry the importance of new technology since I could enter data within short time, edit it, and imagine information if necessary. The application of computer simplifies tasks since summaries are generated when necessary within the shortest time possible. Relating with people at work was my biggest opportunity to practice and enhance people and communication skills learned during my course work. I was able to soundness personal issues and conflicts between workers. It gave me the

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