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The replacement is stored

In pressure, the calculation searches for rehashing designs in the source letters in order and encodes these patters as new images in a deciphered alphabet.The new letters in order is made out of images that are longer (made out of more bits) than the images in the source letters in order. The pressure emerges when rehashing designs in the old letters in order are supplanted by a solitary image in the new letters in order. The substitution is put away in a word reference that contains all mappings of the old letter set examples into the new letter set symbols.The decompression calculation essentially does the converse procedure of the pressure calculation. The calculation investigates the info stream in the new letters in order and looks into the word reference for its relating design in the old alphabet.Unlike Huffman coding, LZW pressure doesn't utilize likelihood examination and calculation on the source information, requiring just to see rehashing designs in the source letter set . LZW works best on streams that contain numerous rehashing examples, for example, text files.Huffman coding then again works best on streams where there is a dissimilarity in relative frequencies between images. In LZW, a word reference is utilized to delineate in the old letters in order to images in the new letters in order, the word reference being built from rehashing patterns.In Huffman, image mappings depend on the frequencies of the images in the source letter set. Also, the bit length of the new images in LZW is consistent while the bit length for the new images in Huffman is variable, contingent upon the recurrence of the source symbols.Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) and Wireless Sensor Networks are two comparative sorts of remote innovation. A MANET is a self-designing system the outcome being a subjective topology. There is no fixed foundation between the hubs and their lone relationship to one another is their nearness to one another.However, that may not be va lid for sensor systems. Some sensor organize conventions determine a particular topology. On account of IEEE 802.15.4, it takes into consideration two sorts of topologies, a ring topology and a distributed topology.Another distinction is intricacy. The hubs of sensor systems are commonly a lot more straightforward than in MANETs. Sensor hubs ordinarily incorporate just a handset module for correspondence, a sensor and a microcontroller.This is a result of the generally less complex uses for the sensor, for example, information assortment and social event. Interestingly, hubs of a MANET will for the most part be increasingly unpredictable, being comprised of complete PCs, PDAs or other significant level specialized devices.A third contrast is in the information rates. Sensor systems are commonly low information rate frameworks while MANETs have higher information rates. Bit rates in MANETs like 802.11 are estimated in Mbps while those in 802.15.4 and Zigbee are in kbps as it were. Fo urth is power utilization, MANET hubs are intended to be mains controlled or just to be dependent on batteries for a short measure of time (for the most part a couple hours).On the other hand, sensor systems will by and large utilize low force segments to extend the intensity of the battery for a considerable length of time or months on end. Ultimately, in MANETs, hubs are imagined to be continually sending information to each other while in sensor systems, hubs are relied upon to be in a rest or calm mode for the majority of the time.This is because of the measure of information traded in MANETs contrasted with sensor systems which may just need to toss information to the server on indicated times.If we take the case of the ZigBee sensor organize convention, we can see three layers from the OSI model at work in the ZigBee convention. In the ZigBee convention, its uses the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for the PHY and MAC part of the DLL layer. The ZigBee determination then again fills in as the upper layers for the remote sensor arrange.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Question: Talk about the Environmental Impact Assessment. Answer: Presentation: According to Pope et al. (2013), natural Impact Assessment, usually known as EIA, is a procedure which is use to gauge the potential and potential impacts of a specific task on the earth. The impacts of the task must be certain on the condition that implies the undertaking ought not be destructive to nature. In the event that the impacts of the venture are unsatisfactory or destructive, certain estimates should be created to destroy those consequences for the earth (Pope et al. 2013). The principle motivation behind EIA is to settle on the leaders mindful of the impacts of their business extends on the earth. According to the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), there are different factors in the EIA like recognizable proof of the issues, expectation of the impacts, and assessment of the impacts with the goal that viable systems can be made to alleviate those biophysical, social and different impacts. EIA practice has been carried on for over forty years. As of now, EIA has been drilled in the two of the universes countries. The base of EIA has been found in the United States National Environmental Policy Act 1969, usually known as the NEPA. There are a few branches this field and the capacity of each branch can be separated from the others. According to the above conversation, the fundamental elements of EIA are to help on a wide scope of dynamic, to help in the worldwide improvement alongside the advancement of exchange approach (Pope et al. 2013). Subsequently, it tends to be seen that EIA has a wide scope of activities. In any case, it very well may be seen that EIA has just been utilized for the task level appraisal and different elements of EIA have not been finished by EIA (Pope et al. 2013). Here comes the rise of Strategic Environmental Assessment, ordinarily known as SEA (Pope et al. 2013). As indicated by Pope et al. (2013), the primary tasks of SEA are to create natural systems for projects, plans and strategies. There are some fundamental targets of EIA to acquire the ecological supportability. These targets are to address manageability by making constructive outcomes on the psyche of the individuals everywhere throughout the world; to set up the idea of supportability in the individual dynamic procedure or in singular appraisal; to the appropriation of formal components so the unreasonable exchange offs can be stayed away from in a powerful and responsible way; to grasp the moral maintainability in the evaluation procedure and to induce the learning all through. There are different jigsaw perplexes around the destinations of the effect appraisal rehearses. From these, two significant focuses can be inferred (Pope et al. 2013). Right off the bat, the different effect appraisal rehearses rely on the principle setting of the issues. Thus, various parts of effect appraisal rehearses like EIA, SEA and others have various capacities to do. For instance, EIA give more accentuation on the financial effects or on the biophysical impacts. Also, aside from the six entrenched territories of effect evaluation, there are different zones that have yet not been taken note. They are environmental effect appraisal which has been considered as a subset of EIA, sway evaluation of environmental change, sw ay evaluation of the difference in culture and others. Thus, it tends to be seen that the jigsaw puzzles have a lot more measurements. There are for the most part three territories of discussion according to this article on the natural effect evaluation. They are the adequacy, hypothetical ground and the nature of the effect evaluation. The effect appraisal hypothesis has numerous segments like political theory, different arrangement speculations, choice speculations and a few arranging hypotheses. Be that as it may, notwithstanding of having every one of these parts of speculations, there is an absence of compelling hypothesis about the effect appraisal. In the event of adequacy of effect evaluation, there has been an absence of viability in the effect appraisal process (Pope et al. 2013). Early effect evaluation used to concentrate on the progressing ecological issues with respect to any extend. In any case, the circumstance has completely been changed. Presently a-days, different rules have been given to the effect appraisal specialists, however there is a hole between the effect evaluation works done previously and now. The viability of the effect evaluation has been seen by individuals everywhere throughout the world (Pope et al. 2013). According to this article, the viability of effect appraisal immensely relies on the proposed reason for the evaluation and the picked instrument for the evaluation. The system is chosen dependent on the technique of the effect appraisal. For example, if the proposed reason for sway appraisal is dynamic of any undertaking, the component of the evaluation is chosen dependent on the dynamic model. Henceforth, there is an interrelation between the effect evaluation method and the appraisal component. The effect condition sway appraisal or EIA has numerous qualities just as shortcomings. In view of the above conversation, the qualities and shortcomings can be watched and they are talked about underneath: One of the most significant qualities is the overall joining of the EIA and the consideration of worldwide and enactment understandings as this activity has had effect appraisal worthy to the individuals of everywhere throughout the world. Also, sway appraisal has a compelling procedural direction. All these direction make it simple for the choice of the effect appraisal components (Pope et al. 2013). The presence of procedural rules assists with expanding the viability and the capacity of the effect appraisal systems. In any case, the degree of remedy of such rules has been a subject of discussion everywhere throughout the world in sway appraisal. The fourth quality is the investment of a solid universal assemblage of specialists, countless scholars and numerous others. There are numerous occasions where the effect appraisal has become a fantastic accomplishment through broadening (Pope et al. 2013). Qualities consistently joined by the shortcomings. For this situation, sway appraisal has some significant shortcomings. Most importantly, there are numerous examples where the nature of effect evaluation practice isn't sufficient. The quality issues in sway evaluation are joined by the limit issues. Furthermore, there are other option than ecological effect evaluation. The feeble practice territories are supplanted by those other options. This is a significant downside. Then again, the cooperation of open in the effect appraisal has turning out to be lower than prior (Pope et al. 2013). Thirdly, there is some discrete type of training in the effect appraisal. This kind of practices follows their own writing and there isn't any connection between the strategy and the chose component of the effect evaluation rehearses. The fourth explanation that can be considered as on e of the most significant reasons is the absence of thought of the more extensive ecological maintainability issues far and wide. The expanding number of field of specialization can be considered as one of the purpose for the shortcoming. The assets of effect appraisal can't be recognized appropriately and this misidentification prompts the misallocation of the assets in the effect evaluation (Pope et al. 2013). There are many significant dangers that are encompassing the effect evaluation process. Political circumstance is one of the significant dangers of effect appraisal as different political establishments have become the boundaries of the effect evaluation. Effect evaluation is in peril because of the worldwide budgetary emergency. There are different nations where the strategies of EIA are under survey by the separate specialists. There are a ton of techniques that should be followed at the hour of the effect evaluation line different rule, conventions, different agendas, norms and numerous others. Every one of these means have the procedure of effect evaluation more confuse and henceforth, the soul of effect appraisal is turning out to be lower (Pope et al. 2013). The presence of abundance rules and guidelines causes in the lost of the imaginative side and advancement of effect evaluation. Another danger of effect evaluation is that the obligation of EIA is to be given to the adminis tration offices whose motivation is improvement. Effect appraisal is anything but a subject of improvement; this involves ecological security. Along these lines, it is wanted that the obligations of EIA ought to go to the individuals who thinks about nature (Pope et al. 2013). Be that as it may, there are some positive sides of the effect evaluation as there are a few open doors in sway appraisal. Different ideas are mulled over for sway evaluation like the overall developing issue of environmental change, frameworks elements, flexibility and biological system administrations and numerous others. In any case, the condition of specialty of effect appraisal can be considered as the best open door for sway evaluation. From the above conversation, it very well may be viewed as that the expanding specialization in the field of effect evaluation is solid for the development and extension of EIA. Notwithstanding, from the conversation of qualities, shortcomings, dangers and openings, it is seen that there is a string requirement for the advancement in the different fields of effect appraisal. According to the investigation, there is a presence of rich assorted variety in the effect appraisal and this procedure can make disarray about the adequacy of effect evalua tion. In any case, there is consistently scope for the improvement. The provisos in the effect appraisal should be recognized and progressively viable systems should be received. The endurance of the effect evaluation should be guaranteed alongside its improvement (Pope et al. 2013). References Pope, J., Bond, A., Morrison-Saunders, A. what's more, Retief, F., 2013. Propelling the hypothesis and practice of effect evaluation: setting the exploration

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Dell Auditing Essay

Dell’s items Dell’s items can be isolated by home and working segments. For individual customers Dell give individual workstations, work areas, tablets and a kind of frill. For big business and government clients, Dell give office gear, for example, PCs, screens, printers and hardware and Tablets. Workstations and administrations center around servers, arrangements and programming. Dell’s contenders Contenders of Dell including Lenovo, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Asus, etc. Dell’s clients In light of the benefits of security and trend setting innovation, the fundamental piece of the clients of Dell are government, undertaking and various establishments. The other piece of Dell’s client is family and individual clients which center around PCs, PCs and individual information administrations. Dell’s providers Dell’s worldwide methodology made a wide and extensive flexibly chain. 95% of its providers with including AMD, Hitachi, Microsoft and Samsung has been revealed on the site How does Dell advertise and disseminate its items? For individual customers, Dell’s procedure is to modify its items so as to fulfill potential buyers’ necessity. One of the model is the Alienware Gaming PCs, which is structured and fabricated for elevated requirement game player, Dell introduced design appearance to draw in adolescents and amazing execution to satisfy clients who is looking for immaculate game understanding. Items can be made for various capacities and included recognized frill. To manage the huge requests from ventures, government offices and organizations, Dell serves items and administrations with lower cost and higher soundness. Under this conditions, clients will in general pick Dell’s items continually and may acquaint them with other potential clients. What is Dell’s business system? Dell is a clearly cost administration organization. Depend on the effective flexibly chain, Dell increased unrivaled cost advantage. On the tablet and PC showcase Dell needs to confront solid rivalry from Apple and Samsung however it was as yet the biggest income giver (31% agreeing 10K) on the grounds that the lower cost in 2012. Dell additionally endeavored on Alienware arrangement to enter superior PC advertise. For the most part, the wellsprings of Dell’s income was similarly given by big business arrangements (46%) and administrations and Personal Client (54%). What are basic business forms for Dell given its essential business methodology? Dell’s cost administration technique is for the most part upheld by its proficient gracefully chain the board. Providers for Dell are universally and generally isolated in various organizations. In view of the flexibly framework, Dell could guarantee lower adornment cost and exchange points of interest. Re-appropriate assembling and administrations diminished the stock and money related hazard, which is ordinarily in high innovation industry due to item substitution. What bookkeeping data is related with the basic business procedures and how does Dell measure up on that data? Cost of merchandise sold, stock, creditor liability and incomes. What bookkeeping strategies does Dell use to report the bookkeeping data related with basic business forms and what is the danger of material error? Dell utilizes FIFO to report stock and income is perceived on the snapshot of shipment. The measure of record receivable is practically 50% of the present resource which implies the profoundly danger of pay proclamation change. Stock has been kept in lower level, consider about the arrival and trade administration, the quantity of stock may be misquoted either. Proficient inspecting principles give direction on the auditor’s thought of an entity’s business dangers. What is the auditor’s objective for understanding an entity’s business dangers? For what reason does an inspector not have duty to distinguish or evaluate all business dangers? Give a few instances of business dangers related with a substance that an examiner ought to consider when playing out a review. The reason for business dangers understanding is to offer examiners ability to perceive conceivable error and make investigation and alteration. Review report will be increasingly effective and sensible with help of business skill. Examiners didn't partake the executives procedure of the organization, and in some cases material or exceptionally material data will be introduced to inspectors. Auditor’s extension might be limited or autonomy impact the exactness of review report.

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Hidden Answers to Ged Topics for Essay Writing Uncovered

Hidden Answers to Ged Topics for Essay Writing Uncovered Ged Topics for Essay Writing Secrets That No One Else Knows About As a way to organize your hunting lodges business plan the proper way, you must have a particular plan before you. Variety of specialized courses is accessible on the market from which you can create your choice for your son or daughter. Thus, it's the very best choice to purchase from the stores immediately. What Does Ged Topics for Essay Writing Mean? At times, teachers themselves assign the essay topic to students, at exactly the same time, students frequently have to pick the essay topic by themselves. Students must then hunt for the relevant data and data in connection with the topic and the essay. The student might not be a native English speaker. After he has selected an appropriate topic then he or she must conceptualize the ideas related to the selected topic. The very first step to boost essay quality is to discover the proper topic for the essay. There's a specific procedure of how essays ought to be written. If you get essays online, it's really important to understand whether the work is still in process or has been finished. It isn't only an essay about the existence of essay writing help now, is reliable and there's essay writing help, each time you require help for writing essays in USA. College courses can be checked by going to the colleges and universities for more info. The multiple topics could possibly be found, for instance, in the dissertation abstracts international database. You could possibly be given the topic straight away by your professor, or you can be free to decide on the topic yourself. An informative speech paper is separated into three parts. Our writers make certain all your demands are met to get the standard of papers you would like. It is possible to also choose to include interesting data in the ending of your paper, one that is going to leave an enduring impression on your audience. There are quite a lot of characteristics that companies will want to need to be in a position to offer trusted custom essay papers, because it may be reviewed in such a page. Writing quality essays is the principal use of our services. The procedure for writing informative speech papers ought to be accorded a significant period of time and effort to be able to develop a high quality and successful papers. Many trustworthy writing services are eager to provide essay help. If you're really interested in upping your reading speed and improving vocabulary, you are able to take advantage of a suitable speed reading training course. How to Find Ged Topics for Essay Writing on the Web Excellent issue is, with a house tuition, ample reinforcement is provided. When it has to do with photography colleges, selecting a credible one is equally as essential as choosing any normal university or educational institution. Additionally, there are some students who get good grades on papers which don't appear to be that great at first. There are several authoritative voices within the education fraternity which do not agree with the methods that the present school regiment is mostly using. If you believe it isn't simple to decide on a course following your schooling then you could always get in contact with career counselors and take their help in deciding your upcoming interest. A student should remember their personal experiences regarding the informative speech paper topic. It is recommended to take the very first test during junior year of high school, which assists in getting acquainted with real-test conditions and analyzing the student's degree of knowledge in every area. In case the latter is true, the topic has to be chosen dependent on its depth and controversial nature. With our essay help you may be certain nobody shall get a better mark for the work than you. The descriptive essay as its name suggests is a description of a man or thing or an occasion. You may surely trust us with this sort of work. Luckily, you've come to the correct place to discover the greatest remedy to every single academic writing problem that you're currently facing with your essay. Just consider it how many terrific things you may do instead of boring writing. Essay writing is something which most of us do daily without so much as noticing how important it is really.

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Rethinking Information Technology And Its Effects On The...

Research has suggested that humankind is able to store at least 295 exabytes of information, which measured in bits is 295 with 20 zeros after it. (Wu, 2011) Humanity has accumulated increasing amounts of knowledge over the centuries. Access to knowledge varies from being readily accessible to being a closely kept secret. The book Science and Technology in Society addresses the consequences that result from how knowledge is shared and used. The three chapters that I read were: â€Å"Rethinking Information Technology: Caught in the World Wide Web,† â€Å"Owning Technoscience: Understanding the New Intellectual Property Battles,† and â€Å"Democracy and Expertise: Citizenship in a High-Tech Age.† An ethics topic contained in all three chapters was the access and use of information. Restricting access to knowledge and its use is unethical and creates divisive lines in society. A divisive line in our society is found in our educational system, which does not provide equal access of knowledge to everyone. A person’s access to a good education is largely determined by their social circumstances. This situation is self-perpetuating, leading to even more disparity over time. In the third chapter of Science and Technology in Society it says, â€Å"†¦ children from wealthy families are more likely to go to college than students from poor families. And a college degree is likely to create occupational and economic opportunities for these people †¦ Opportunities for upward mobility are systematically lowerShow MoreRelatedCensorship in the Media Essay1084 Words   |  5 Pagesas entertainment. Is this appropriate for our youth? Should children be exposed to these images so early on? How does censorship in the media affect adolescents? Children are the future of our society and need to have some understanding of real world occurrences. Ultimat ely, censorship can only be determined by the parents. The media cannot filter every bit of controversial images. What rights does the media have in this situation? How are their First Amendment rights applied here? As an aspiringRead More Access to Information - The Widening Gap Essay example1268 Words   |  6 PagesAccess to Information - The Widening Gap The â€Å"Digital Divide† is a buzz phrase heard today in North America. It refers to the growing divide between people who have and do not have access to information specifically via the internet. There are various forms of digital divides but the one that is the most despair is the global digital divide between industrialized countries and developing nations. Optimists feel that the internet and information it carries brings potential to societies of developingRead MoreEffects of the Internet on Information Systems in Organisations4667 Words   |  19 PagesQN1. EVALUATE THE EFFECTS OF INTERNET TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND GIVE RELEVANT EXAMPLES HOW OPERATIONS ARE CHANGED DUE TO THAT CAUSE. Introduction. The Internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. It is one of the most outstanding innovations in the field of communication in the history of mankind. Beginning with the early research in packet switching, the government, industryRead More Using Technology to Improve Education Essay2196 Words   |  9 Pagespower, the device is useless. It is simply a plastic brick with some fancy buttons attached. However, when this device is given a source of energy, it comes to life, and brings to its user access to entertainment, information, or communication. Many people treasure their high end technologies, and use them on a day to day basis. What some people fail to see is the full potential of their device. Their electronic gadget, when in their own hands, improves their happiness and quality of life. That sameRead MoreTHE IMPACT AND BENEFITS OF INTERNET ON MARKETING MIX3899 Words   |  16 Pagessolve customer problems, and communicate more efficiently with business partners. The benefit of Internet marketing includes the improved flow of information, new products and customer services, improved availability, improved market transparency. To design and implement a successful e-marketing program, a number of theories, applications, and technologies must be carefully analyzed and understood. In this article the investigator is going to considerer the best Internet marketing ways for the successRead MoreFinancial Globalization Essay1808 Words   |  8 PagesExecutive Summary During the past two decades, financial markets around the world have become increasingly interrelated. Financial globalization has brought considerable benefits to national economies and to investors, but it has also changed the structure of markets, creating new risks and challenges for market participants and policymakers. The international marketplace continues to present opportunities for companies. But change is constant and prudent so companies must work to minimize theirRead MoreIt Management Essay6676 Words   |  27 PagesChapter 1. The Information Systems Strategy Triangle Chapter Overview This chapter presents a very simple framework, the Information Systems Strategy Triangle, which links business strategy with organizational strategy and information strategy. The chapter describes this model, and builds on several other popular strategy models and organizational models. The goal of this chapter is to make sure every student has a basic understanding of both strategy and organizations (in many managementRead MoreSchool Safety2079 Words   |  9 Pagesas a result apprehension (Eckland 1). Fear should not hold back parents or students from allowing their child to obtain an education. In â€Å"Safety from the Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Approaches,† Alfie Kohn explains the reasons why American public schools are not safe. Kohn develops this insinuation by stating that technology cannot always fix the problem of safety, and that personal relationships which create a feeling of security are being lost. Kohn’s purpose in this article is to revealRead MoreEssay about The Demand for Technology in Higher Education3577 Words   |  15 PagesThe Demand for Technology in Higher Education Abstract Students of the Millennial Generation expect technology in their future. Their upbringing, which included using computers, PDA’s, cell phones, and other technologies, have reinforced Millennial students’ demand to see technology incorporated in many different respects, including higher education. Millennial students insist that colleges become technologically advanced institutions where teaching is interwoven with technology. In the pastRead MoreTrends in Curriculum Development in Business Education5911 Words   |  24 PagesINTRODUCTION The world moves faster and faster every day, and with every half decade or so, it seems to  evolve into an area that one couldn`t fathom days before. The radio was mind-blowing. Then  came television, then the Internet. The Internet is still just a baby considering it really hit the  mass market about 10-years-ago. Businesses had to quickly jump on board. Different students also have different learning needs and interests and a rigid  curriculum really restricts both the teacher and the

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How Networking Is Important Areas Of Management - 1579 Words

.1 Networking Networking is one of the organisation’s important areas of management. Networking means working with local business which helps to increase collaborative opportunities. As a store manager I need to connect with the local organizations online so everything is up to date and your customer have access to the latest version. Organisations that works together effectively have reductions in costs and inventories, together with improvements in speed, customer satisfaction and service levels. Collaboration between companies can benefit a lot, with the aim of delivering significant improvement over the long term. All companies are tempted to use networking just for their advantages. The most successful collaborations build on†¦show more content†¦Companies frequently underestimate the resources required to make collaborations work, assuming that they can leave it up to staff in various functions to do what s required in addition to their other responsibilities. 1.4 Establish a robust, joint performance-management system An effective performance-management system helps a company to ensure that any long-term project is on track and delivering the results it should. In supply chain collaboration efforts, both participants should use the same performance-management system. By building common metrics and targets—and jointly monitoring progress—companies avoid the misaligned incentives that damage so many collaboration efforts. 1.5 Time management; stay on top of deadlines Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Question 2 Create two ‘SMART’ personal work goals to ensure you are able to fit in with the organisations’ goals. Justify your choices by explaining how your goals are aligned with the organisation and how they consider demands on your time and energy. Hint: Even though you are planning personal work goals, you still need to consider how you will maintain a healthy work-life balance. You must refer

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The Shame of Paying College Athletes free essay sample

A salary should only be given to athletes that are at a professional level. Young college athletes don’t yet know the value of money and should be treated as such. College athletes should not be paid, due to the fact that most colleges would not be able to afford paying every player in their program, schools already provide free education and scholarships for athletes, and paying athletes is against NCAA regulation. First of all, athletes should not be paid because most colleges (besides big name schools) would not be able to afford paying all their players in their programs; not just football and basketball players. Out of the 120 FBS (formerly named Division 1) schools, only twelve broke even or made a profit after an athletic season†(Bokshan) If only twelve broke even how are these schools expected to cough up enough money to pay their players. They are not. If the National College Athletic Association or NCAA changed their rules, and forced all colleges to pay their athletic players; most would quickly fall into dept, and have to cut their entire sports program just to save their schools from having to close down. Leaving the college no choice, but to cut into their general funds; meaning cutting back on funding for cademic education. Many Universities like Miami of Ohio are going through huge budget problems, because of all the expenses from their college sports program (Northern Star). Miami University and many other schools can barely afford running a sports program, let alone paying all their athletes. Paying colleges would cost at least $200 million a year for Division 1, and that’s not including Division 2, and 3. (USA TODAY) $200 million dollars is an insane about of money, and â€Å"There are just to many important issues that schools need to address, and speeding oney on already spoiled athletes isn’t one of them? † (Northern Star). Therefore; colleges could never afford paying their athletes because of numerous reasons. In addition, colleges already provide free education and scholarships. â€Å"Full athletic scholarships cover a student athlete’s tuition, any fees, room, meal plans and required course related books†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Bokshan). What else does a young student athlete attending a college need? They are already getting a college education for free. Their room and board is fully paid and study from books that can cost up to $500 dollars each. Student athletes also get erks other than the scholarship itself, like free tutors and special classes to help the player stay eligible to play (Daugherty). Most colleges already have systems set but to ensure that all there players have enough money to have cloths and other necessities. (Eagan, Mike). College athletes are already pampered enough. They don’t need a pay check to g with their already free- education (Cassavugh). Players also have the advantage of study with other members of their team that are most likely in the same free classes. Example of a pampered player- Star Kentucky freshmen Anthony B. Lavis already has a free-education, and an audition for the NBA (Daugherty). Actors don’t get paid for auditioning for a play, so why should a basketball player audition be paid? These college players are selfish, and should be honored that schools have offered them to play. They shouldn’t expect a salary to go with their scholarship. They can wait until the pros to get their $8 million dollar signing bonuses. Lastly, college athletes should not be paid because it is against NCAA regulation. The rule of colleges not being able to pay their players should be theft untouched, and for good reason. The NCAA is based off of amateurism and if players were paid they could no longer be considered amateurs (Crowley) and the whole NCAA foundation would be broken. College players are not professionals and should be treated as such. NCAA is about fairness and by paying players would be extremely unfair to smaller schools that would have no chance to pay for the highest caliber players. Division 1 would be treated with the most care and money leaving division 2, and 3 with also n money to pay their players, this is also unfair. Colleges couldn’t just pay their football and basketball teams. They would have to pay there acrosse, track, soccer, swimming etc. ; including all the women’s teams. If the college were to only pay the means teams the would be involution of one of the most important section of the NCAA rule book Title IX- A clause in the 1972 in the Education act stating that on one shall be denied the benefits of any educational program or activity that receives di rect federal aid because of their Gender (dictionary). College is a privilege that is earned, and income from that privilege can’t be bestowed only of some of the men (Daugherty). By paying college athletes players it will single handedly arnish not only the entire way NCAA college sports are run, but also infect it with politics and favoritism. College athletes shouldn’t be paid, due to the fact that most colleges would not be able to afford paying every player in their program, schools already provide free- education and scholarships for athletes, and paying athletes is against NCAA regulation. Money can and will destroy the college athlete program; there are too many things that can go wrong when it comes to distributing a pay check student athlete. The NCAA has its flaws, but enforcing the rule of not paying college athletes is not one of them. (Porto)

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Educational socialization

Socializing Agents Socialization is one of the most important factors in the life of an individual. Some of the socializing agents include the family, the school, religion, and the peer group. These socializing agents play a crucial role in shaping my life in college.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Educational socialization specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More My family is relatively large considering that it is an extended family. My parents have always instructed me to be social to other relatives, friends, and neighbors. We frequently visit other relatives, including aunts and uncles. My uncles and aunts visit us regularly to discuss matters affecting the larger family. My parents have always been nice to my friends since they have never questioned their credibility. When I bring them home, they always receive warm treatment from my parents. During holidays, I visit my cousins and spend some time with them talkin g about issues affecting the youths in the modern society. They would also come to visit me often, especially during the weekends. My parents have always cherished holiday trips. They usually take the whole family to various places within the country during holidays. From my parents’ experience, I have come to appreciate the importance of unity and cooperation in the family. I have learned that any close friends should be treated as members of the extended family. This has helped me to achieve my educational dreams. I find it easy to socialize with other members of society, given the fact that my family has a number of friends. The church has played an important role in ensuring that my family lives peacefully. During the early years of education, I learnt through my teachers that teamwork plays a critical role in achieving various objectives. This has helped me in my group discussion. My age mates have influenced my life positively because I have learned acceptable lifestyle s from them. I find life in college much easier because of the above socializing agents. Summary The focus will be on my family. My family has influenced my life in a number of ways. My family helped me in acquiring values that are respected by many members of the extended family. My family believes in socialization because it is always willing to learn new things in life. My parents have always insisted that one should always take care of other people who are not members of the family because they might be of help in the future.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More My mother has always insisted that I should know people and learn to respect them because they will be of help one day. I have learned through my family that I have a responsibility of ensuring that I create a conducive environment that would make everyone feel respected and loved. My father advises me that I should be th e caretaker of my friends, not because I expect the same from them, but because it is my responsibility to do so. My parents have always insisted that I have to pray regularly because it would help me to develop spiritually. These values have defined my personality even at the college level. My family instilled the above norms directly and indirectly. My parents would teach me how to talk to adults, peers, and younger relatives and friends. They also taught me how to keep time by helping me in writing the timetable. The way my parents related to other family members and friends taught me how I should behave. This means that children should watch their parents and try to emulate their behavior because this is how I gained the family culture. My family has always worked tirelessly to develop my character. My family has been the major source of inspiration in my entire life. My parents are my role models, and I have tried to behave like them in my life. They are selfless and are always ready to help anyone in need. They have taught me to emulate perfect habits from them. Through their constant encouragement and teachings, I have acquired my current personality. This shows that various socializing agents play different roles in character development. However, the family is the most important because it is the primary socializing agent. It influences the behavior of a child directly. Other agents influence the behavior of a child indirectly. This essay on Educational socialization was written and submitted by user Isis Bell to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Safe Food Supply System

Safe Food Supply System Food is essential for the survival of any living creature. At the same time food can cause problems to health if it is not properly preserved or processed or consumed. The importance of food safety goes on increasing day by day. Governments are taking hard efforts to ensure food safety.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Safe Food Supply System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Unlike other households items consumers are much concerned about the quality and safety of the food items they buy. The reason is that if they consume non-secure food that may cause problems to their health. The bacteria and other harmful invisible insects contained in the food items create health problems and it may even lead to hazards to life. These necessitate the need for a safe food supply system for ensuring a food safety. The food supply in America is not enough safe. Food safety issues Many factors can lead to food related disease outbrea ks. Among this the severity of some diseases are less and it affect lesser number of people, but some others, are too severe and affects large number of people, such as cholera(Hui, 2001 p.172) Sometimes the food items like non-processes meat might have infected with bacteria like E.Coil, Salmonella†¦etc. The consumption of food bacteria affected food item causes illness like cholera, hepatitis†¦etc. If a person is affected by food infection there may be symptoms of such infection, like vomiting, fever†¦etc. Food supply and issues in America It is the duty of every government to ensure food safety to its citizens. Through efficient and sophisticated supply food safety could be ensured. In United States of America the food supply system is not proper and enough care is not taken for ensuring the food safety. This is evident from the fact that there is a higher rate of death due to disease from contaminated food consumption (Food safety and food borne illness, 2007). Fa st food culture has swallowed the American food system. There are plenty of fast food stores and restaurants in the United States of America. â€Å"Over the last three decades, fast food has infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society† (Schlosser, 2001p.3). Fast food always creates health problems, but even then people are interested in fast food. Though people can prepare food in traditional method of food preparation and can follow traditional food culture, majority are not opting for that.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Though there is a system namely Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in the country for ensuring supply of safe and healthier supply of food, it need to more active and efforts must be taken to reduce the death out of lack of food safety (Food Safety and Food Security: What Consumers Need to Know, p 2). Majority of the people in the United States believe that, they have got a safe food supply system (Stinson et al. 2007). However, the fact is not like that, it is not that much safe as now the food items are imported from countries like India and safety of such food items is matter of concern. Steps to be taken for ensuring food safety The food poisons and other problems caused by lack of food security are increasing day by day. Efforts should be made to limit or eliminate these problems and ensure food safety in the country and thereby becoming a model country for all over the world. Following are some recommendations for ensuring food safety. a. Implementing clean food preparation techniques One of the chief causes for becoming the food items contaminated is lack of cleanliness in the food preparation place. Also the carelessness by those who make food items cause to become the food items infected by bacteria and other harmful creatures. b. Ensure immediate consumption of the fast perishable items: The perishable food items are to be immediately consumed; otherwise it may cause to become the food item filled with insects and bacteria. By way of ensuring immediate consumption of this kinds of food items food safety can be guaranteed.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Safe Food Supply System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More c. Conduct awareness programs: It is one of the better ways to ensure food safety. Majority of the people are not aware of the after effects of the consuming bacteria involved and expired food items. Awareness programs need to conduct for bringing the attention of consumers as well as workers in the food industry. d. Efforts from the part of the government: Without the support of the government, it is difficult to make a food safety programs successful. The government has to contribute economically as well as non-economically for safety ensuring efforts. The policies need to be designed by the gove rnment in such a way that it does not allow any kind of violation of the rules of food safety. e. Proper preservation of food: Once the food items are prepared they are to be preserved well. Otherwise it may cause to become the food contaminated. If the food item requires refrigeration it should be refrigerated. f. Proper handling:Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hands should be washed before touching the food item as there are chances that our hands may contain poisonous things or bacteria (Prevention of Food Poisoning). Conclusion Health is a matter of concern for everybody. Nobody would like to sacrifice health for wealth or any other purpose as health is considered the most rewarding wealth. However, improper food habits and food preservation and processing can cause many hazards to human life. The effective management of food and its utmost care in handling and processing can reduce the perils to a great extent. Work Cited â€Å"Food safety and food borne illness†. Media Center-World Health Organization. 2007. Web. â€Å"Food Safety and Food Security: What Consumers Need to Know?† United States Department of Agriculture-Food Safety and Inspection Service. Web. Hui, Yiu H. and Wai-Kit Nip, Meat science and applications. CRC Press, 2007. Prevention of Food Poisoning, Food Poisoning. Web. Schlosser, Eric. Fas t food nation: the dark side of the all-American meal, Part 10 Edition 001 Series. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2001. Stinson, F. Thomas, Jean Kinsey, Dennis Degeneffe, and Koel Ghosh. Defending Americas Food Supply against Terrorism: Who is Responsible? Who Should Pay? Choices, 2007. Web.

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TROUBLE BREWS AT STARBUCKS--Case Study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

TROUBLE BREWS AT STARBUCKS-- - Case Study Example Essentially, the 5Cs analysis, which was initially the 3Cs strategy, includes elements such as customer, company, collaborators, climate and competitors. The key aspects that Schultz had in mind were customer, competitors, and the company itself in order for the vision to expand Starbucks to be realistic. In essence, Schultz intended for Starbucks to serve coffee at its outlets with the same taste of that made at home and factored in the growing competition from entrants such as McDonalds, which was winning its customer base. The main target market for Starbucks as part of this vision was to be the people that prefer to brew their coffee from home because not many chain stores served coffee that was of their desired quality. The value positioning to customers would be that Starbucks would be able to serve coffee that was the same as that brewed at home hence saving their customers the hustle of having to only rely on home ground coffee with the taste that they know. Additionally, Schultz also examined Starbucks position and sought to remain relevant in the market by providing its needs and meeting customer satisfaction while register ing profits. Schultz vision met resistances, but Starbucks later bought into the idea in which the first step in implementation based on the 4Ps marketing mix was to create a place or atmosphere that customers would relax in. The idea was to create the third place after home and work where their target market would enjoy the ambience of Starbucks while sipping on a cup of coffee (3). The ambience of the ‘third place’ included the access to music, books, and movies as part of its product delivery options, which was successful in increasing customer flow to their stores (7). The other factor was that Starbucks also targeted areas with heavy population flow such as airports, which succeeded in capturing a wider target market. Secondly, Starbucks also trained its staff on the

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Discussion- CH5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion- CH5 - Coursework Example Bank loans are not accompanied by any ownership condition. In addition, the bank personnel are not involved in the running of the business (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 104). The disadvantage of loan is that they are difficult to obtain and also the borrowers need to provide their personal guarantees. The pros of equity financing include no payment of interest. The investors are not paid interests though they will owe the entrepreneur some portion of profit. Equity financing has no liability. The entrepreneur is not liable and in case of failure, the investor takes the risk. No monthly payments are needed in equity financing. This allows for more money in the business to keep things running. Con associated to equity financing include giving up ownership. This is due to investors owning part of the business (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 303). Pros for stock include them being considered being having potential for higher returns as compared to other types of investments that are used by companies. Stock is considered to pay dividends. Extra income can be used to buy more shares for the company. Cons for stock include dramatically rise and fall that occur in stock price (Sloman and Sutcliffe, 167). Stack is seen also to have no guaranteed return. I agree with you that the most common types of financing for small entrepreneurs would be equity financing and debt financing. This is due to unavailability of ready finances. Debt financing allows using the finances and later pay to the lenders. Selling of shares is convenient to them as the money need not to be repaid. I equally agree with you that there are so many important skills that managers should have in order to drive success towards the company. The skills that are needed by the managers including ability to be a leader, positive relationship with employees, proper planning, proper delegation of duties, effective

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Insider Trading in India-an Analysis of Yesterday Essay Example for Free

Insider Trading in India-an Analysis of Yesterday Essay It also contained provisions prohibiting fraud related to securities trading. However, insider trading laws were mostly built with the support of US courtroom decisions. Ultimately, two legislations were enacted which specifically addressed the issue of insider trading, firstly, by the Insider Trading Sanctions Act, 1984 and secondly, by the Insider Trading and Securities Fraud Enforcement Act, 1988. ‘Utpal Bhattacharya and H. Daouk, in their study on insider trading, state that the jurisprudence on insider trading saw a rise from the 1990s, and only 81 countries out of 103 countries reviewed and had insider trading laws, while prosecution took place only in 38 countries. ’ In India, several committees were formed to check the applicability of the US regulations on Indian soil. The first committee which took the initiative to evaluate the regulations on short swing profit was PJ Thomas Committee, thereby introducing Sections 307 and 308 in the Companies Act, 1956. This basically requires the directors and managers of the company to make shareholding disclosures. However, such discloser requirements were still not enough to curb the nuisance and further deliberations were thought necessary over the matter. Hence, in 1979, Sachar Committee was formed, followed by the Patel Committee (1986) and finally Abid Hussain Committee (1989). All these three committees voiced out their opinion of having an immediate solution to the problem and advocated the need to have a separate law altogether on insider trading in stock market. Finally when the post liberalization period arrived, activities in the Indian stock market were at its peak and hence to acquire the necessary control over the domain, in 1992, the SEBI Act was introduced. The SEBI Act, 1992 in turn used its power to formulate a number of regulations and thus as one of those regulations, the SEBI (Insider Trading) Regulations was born. Later on, the said regulations were amended in 2002 and now it is known as the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992 (hereinafter â€Å"the insider regulations†). Since then, changes were made at least twice, one in 2002 and another in 2008. Jurisprudence behind Insider Trading Laws ‘Insider trading occurs when a corporate insider trades on information before it is disclosed to the general public. ’ The fundamental legal principle behind barring such an activity is that anyone who has acquired any kind of material or special information about a security in his fiduciary capacity should not be allowed to trade with the same security for his own benefit. In stock market, trust and confidentiality are two sides of the same coin. Investors invest their money based on the integrity of the market. Hence, to develop a healthy market, both prospective and current investors must feel secured to invest. Law in matters of tracking insider trading, could be of help in two ways, firstly, it could penalize those who engage in insider trading and secondly, it could create an incentive based system which would encourage disclosure of such activities. In past also, there have been catastrophic consequences where innocent public were robbed off their money because of few people who due to their greed jeaopardised the functioning of entire stock market. Stock market is a place where people expect simple demand and supply to influence the price of the securities. So when such prices are rigged, the investors start losing confidence, as a result either they start withdrawing money from the market or they end up not investing at all. This in turn stops the free flow of capital and other very important financial activities which could be very appalling for the economy. Description of Insider Trading as an Offence Laws related to insider trading in India are still in the nascent stage. The SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992 gives a very detailed description of insider trading, however no where it has defined the term ‘Insider Trading’. For understanding the scheme of insider trading, there are four definitions which could help the various authorities to locate such an activity. The concept of ‘Insider Trading’ can be understood when the definitions of ‘insider’, ‘dealing in securities’, ‘price sensitive information’ and ‘connected persons’ are read together and understood in consonance with each other. The term ‘insider’ can be classified for convenience into at least two or more forms.

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Edgar Allan Poes Writing Essay -- Literacy Analysis

Often times, authors use specific instances from their lives to produce ideas for stories and incorporate them into his or her works. In the gothic times, dark, threatening, horrific, morbid, depressing, bizarre, bewildering, death and insane are just some words that best describe the popular type of literature at that time. One man’s name can summarize these words, Edgar Allan Poe. He is considered to be one of the greatest obscure American authors/poets whom many literary scholars still try to make heads or tails of. People throughout the history often wondered why Poe’s writings are so fantastically diverse and unusual, why his literary style is dark, and why he has so many supernatural connotations in each of his writings. He displays his tragic life, achievements, and mostly his disappointments which occurred over the course of his life in a series of stories and poems. Edgar Allan Poe's works are not only a product of creative genius, but also a reflection of his countless struggles and devastating personal experiences. These occurrences spawn the themes of untimely death, insanity, and revenge that become the focus of his macabre style of writing. Poe's life experiences have a major influence in his writings, including the use of the nature of death and provocative questions about the afterlife. The favorable reason to his macabre works has been thought to be the result of experiencing the many deaths of his loved ones early in his life. Based on Poe’s works, he believes that the death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetic topic in the world. For example, in his later poems, most notably, and represents the imaginative repetition of his painful experiences. Jeffrey Scraba, one of the literature critics ... ...oston, Massachusetts: G.K Hall&Co, 1987. N. pag. Print. Medline Plus. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 29 Aug. 2011. Web. 7 May 2012. . Poe, Edgar Allan. The Literature Network. N.p., 2012. Web. 7 May 2012. . Scraba, Jeffrey. "Repetition and Remembrance in Poe's Poerty." Critical Insights The Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. Ed. Steven Frye. Pasadena California: Salem Press, 2011. 34-46. Print. Stauffer, Donald B. "Style and Meaning in "Ligeia" and "William Wilson"." Critical Essays on Edgar Allan Poe. Ed. Eric W. Carlson. Boston, Massachusetts: G.K Hall&Co, 1987. 115-25. Print. Zlotnick-Woldenberg, Carrie. "Edgar Allan Poe's `Ligeia': An Object-Relational Interpretation." American Journal Of Psychotherapy 53.3 (1999): 403. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 29 Apr. 2012.

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Edexcel History Part B Royal Family Essay

Do you agree with the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy? There is evidence to suggest that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy. However there is also a case to argue that increasing media coverage of the royal family had other significant effects. Source 15 supports the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy when it says the slapstick gameshow ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’, which many members of the royal family took part in ‘seriously dented their dignity: the nation was not amused’, which suggests the people of Britain lost respect for the royal family as a result of media coverage. This is supported in source 16 when it says ‘We hope the Windsors and their ad visors are watching the mood on the streets and learning from it’, which implies that the royal family should be careful how they act so they do not lose any further respect from the public. Source 17 also supports the view the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy when it talks about a ‘time of uncertainty’. This suggests that due to the influence of the media, people were uncertain of how to view the royal family, as they were beginning to be portrayed as less high up in society, and therefore commanding less respect. This is supported in source 15, which says ‘their magic began to wane’. This implies that although a certain amount of respect remained for the royal family, they were beginning to be seen as less remarkable to the British public. Events such as ‘It’s a Knockout’ were aattempts at modernising the relationship between the royal family and the people of Britain, but they reduced the mystique of the family and eroded respect. Source 17 contradicts the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family fro m the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy when it says that two programmes about the lives of the monarchy ‘were two of the decade’s biggest televisual events’ suggesting that one significant effect of the increasing media coverage was to increase the interest and awareness of the royal family. Previously, apart from Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, there was little knowledge of the lives of the monarchy, and more media coverage meant that people could find out more about them, and see that they are actually normal people. This would allow some relation between ordinary people and the royal family, perhaps gaining them some popularity. This is supported in source 15 which says ‘they could laugh at themselves’, suggesting the royal family were increasingly being seen as regular, fun-loving people just like everyone else. This is a stark contrast to how they would have been viewed in previous years, as they were viewed by the public as more traditional, conservative and perhaps even dull. Source 16 contradicts the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy when it says that the royal family have ‘grasped the lesson of Diana’s popularityâ€⠄¢, implying that the royal family’s reputation is not being ruined by media coverage and rather that it is increasing their popularity. This is supported in source 17 which says ‘the monarchy was still respected as Britain’s most prestigious institution’ also suggesting that the royal family’s reputation had not been damaged by media coverage, they had just become more popular and maintained their prestigious status in the meantime. From 1981 onwards there was huge media interest in Diana, Princess of Wales. This has a largely negative impact on the royal family, supporting the view that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy. Not only did it reduce respect for the royal family, making them more into ‘celebrities’ than well-respected figures, it also arguably led to the death of Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales died in a car crash whilst being pursued b ya car full of paparazzi. This tragic event is a perfect example of how the image of the monarch ywas damaged by increased media inter est; they were no longer really seen as real people, let alone respected. Newspaper articles about them were hugely sensationalised and focused on scandals, rather than trying to maintain the high status of the monarchy. For example, telephone scandals amongst the royal family were widely reported. The ‘Camillagate’ and ‘Squidgygate’ stories concerned taped phone conversations that were evidence for extra-marital affairs, and were quite graphic in parts. This led to a dramatic change in how many people saw the Windsor family. It gave people a reason to look down upon them, and people did not think members of the family should engage in such acts when they were supposed to be setting an example to the country. Another prime example of how media influence damaged the image of the royal family was when the Royal Family failed to publically display their grief for the loss of Diana. Previously, this would not have been a problem but such was the extent of the media coverage of the royal family by this time, people were expecting to hear from the Windsors about Diana’s death. When a message of grief did not come, people thought the royal family were uncaring and rather out of touch with the public. In conclusion, I agree that the main effect of increasing media coverage of the royal family from the 1970s onwards was to damage the image of the monarchy. Source 15 argues this case by saying the royal family were beginning ‘to acquire a negative, less tasteful kind of glamour’. This source is from a textbook, so it is likely that the information is accurate and unbiased, and therefore quite useful as a source. However there is also evidence that increasing media coverage of the royal family had other significant effects, such as increasing the popularity of the royal family and interest in their lives. This keeps the royal family relevant to our society as a symbol of Britain, so it is quite important. As well as this more coverage of the private lives of the royal family would have allowed people to relate better to them, and therefore support them more. This is significant because a monarchy is often seen as useless in our current society, so for the royal family to continue existing there needs to be continual public support. This view is discussed in source 17 which says ‘the monarch ywas stil lrespected as Britain’s most prestigious institution’, suggesting media had positive effects on the royal family rather that just damaging their reputation. Source 17 is quite a reliable source as it is from a textbook, and seems to present quite a balanced view of the media’s influence on the royal family. Source 16 on the other hand is less useful to either argument and talks in quite a patronising way about the royal family, saying they hope the Windsors are ‘learning from’ the ‘mood on the streets’. It is an editorial from the Independent newspaper, so may be sensationalised and therefore less accurate.

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What Should I Do If I Have Been Hit By a Drunk Driver - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 592 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/04/12 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Drunk Driving Essay Did you like this example? What Should I Do If I Have Been Hit By a Drunk Driver? The holiday season is known for being a time to celebrate with plenty of food, parties, and alcohol. Unfortunately, because many people have to drive to get to a party, it also means there is a higher chance of people driving while they are intoxicated and causing an accident. These drunk driving accidents can often cause severe injuries and can involve complicated liability issues. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "What Should I Do If I Have Been Hit By a Drunk Driver?" essay for you Create order It is important that you speak to your personal injury lawyer prior to signing anything, speaking to your insurance company, or taking a settlement. The first things you should do following being hit by a drunk driver are: Contact the Police. It is important that you contact the police to receive any emergency medical assistance if anyone needs it. In addition to this, the police will fill out a report which states exactly what they saw, what witnesses saw, any citations either driver received, and other important information that becomes the official record of the accident. By contacting the police because of a drunk driver, you are also making the streets safer for others by getting the drunk driver off the road. Get Checked Out by a Doctor. This may seem like an obvious second step, however, many people believe their injuries are minor after they have been through an accident. Many times the cause of this is the adrenaline is pumping through them. Once it wears off, they could feel much worse. It is important to see a doctor immediately after your accident, as well as going to any follow-up appointments needed. This will speed up your recovery time as well as ensuring all of your injuries and treatments have been well-documented. This will help build your claim against the drunk driver and their insurance company. If you have actual medical records, versus just telling the insurance company you have been injured, it will carry a lot more weight with both the insurance company and the court. Keep Notes of Everything. Another important step is to write down as much as you can remember about your accident with the drunk driver. You should include where and when it happened, as well as a detailed description of what led up to the crash. There should be contact information for any witnesses present, as well as photos of the accident and your injuries immediately after. Another recommended step is to print a map off of Google maps and draw out what happened. You should not count on your memory being as sharp weeks or months later when you may need to tell your story to the court. Do Not Communicate with the At-Fault Drivers Insurance Company. Right after the accident, you may be called by an insurance adjuster to discuss the accident. The adjusters main goal is to find something that will make your claim less valuable and to offer you a low settlement. In most instances, we have found people try and sound as though they are less injured than they actually are. This usually will work against them. It is important to not say anything to the adjuster and let your personal injury lawyer work on your behalf. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. Car accidents are scary. They are even more frustrating when they are caused by someone making a poor decision of drinking and driving. You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries and to have someone on your side fighting for you. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to schedule a consultation.