Wednesday, May 8, 2019

An Enemy of the People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

An Enemy of the People - Essay ExampleBesides, the play portrays different interpretations of the same truth. When one tries to be that his/her ideas or viewpoints is the ultimate truth, the scope of compromise become limited. In the play, difference in opinion collectable to individual difference leads to conflict and eventually to never-ending hatred in the family. Thesis statement An investigation to unearth Ibsens view of Human Nature, critique of ideas, values, and features of democratic community, and its strengths and weaknesses.The setting of the play is a Norse town which is governed by jibe Stockmann. The main plot of the play is the conflict between two brothers, Dr. Peter Stockmann and Dr. Thomas Stockmann. Besides, the play related to a man who happens to be against a town in which he lives in. The conflict between Dr. Peter and Dr. Thomas extends beyond the private domain of their family and spreads to their community. Dr. Thomas, who is public-minded, discovers tha t the water supply did allow pollution. As a public minded citizen, he tries to trace the reason behind pollution. In addition, he meets politicians, journalists and economists and other citizens in his locality, but for vain.But Dr. Thomas idealism leads to further issues in the society and the masses began to consider him as an enemy. For instance, the annoyed mass forced Dr. Thomas and his family to leave the same town which he tries to save from health issues due to water pollution. But Dr. Thomas Stockmann was not ready to part with his lordly view of social responsibility of a citizen towards his/her community. But his idealism leads him to suffer a lot. For instance, his family life, career as a doctor, his private property etc is totally ruined. The character of Dr. Thomas reminds an exceptional character who is ready to appear risks in ones life but not ready to part with ones belief/ideology.Ibsens characters acts the role of a mouthpiece which helps one have

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