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Anatomy of a Family Law Case Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Anatomy of a Family Law Case - Research Paper Example The status of each member chances when the couple enters into the marriage agreement (Folberg, & Milne, 2000). For instance, the man becomes a husband and the woman becomes a wife. It gives the husband new responsibilities and rights as well as the woman. Legally, a marriage is greatly honored since it is perceived to be the basis of the family. Traditionalists view a marriage as the as the starting point of preserving moral status in the community. It is in the view of traditional ethics that in a marriage, the husband provides support of the family by providing the necessary requirements like food, clothing, and shelter among other essentials. On the other hand, the wife has the obligation of serving her husband and the family at large. She has the duty to take care of the children, maintaining the house, living in the home and engaging in sexual activities with her husband. The current law has tried to modify traditional functions of the married people since many women have joined the working forces in large numbers. Husbands on the other hand engage in taking care of children and taking care of their homes while their wives are at work. Any individual who may require making alterations in the marriage agreement must do it in accordance with the law. ... The laws protect all marriages whether the couple may be interested or not. Legal rights and benefits of a married couple There are several benefits and rights that one gets when they are married. The society treats the couple as a grown up and one can get priorities while making medical resolutions and receive assistance on behalf of the other family member. It includes rights that may need attorney and other related legal requirements. Social security, medical and disability benefits can be paid to a spouse as well as military and veteran benefits. All employers usually include spouses of their employees to insurance plans, a service that unmarried people cannot receive. The employers also provide bereavement leave for married people to attend funeral programs of their members and allow a spouse to care for the other during illness. Marriage gives a partner the right to visit a spouse in jail or in hospital and sue somebody on behalf of him or her (Ahrons, 2004). Spouses that divor ce are entitled to sharing of the property of the community according to legal requirement of most of the nations. In case of death of one spouse, the other spouse is entitled to organize funeral preparations without intimidation of any form. The married couple is allowed to file a joint tax return and get the ability to organize for partnership to raise capital for business operations (Bohannan, 2005). Ending a Marriage According to the Law of California any individual who wish to file a divorce or separation must reside from a different residence from his or her partner for one full year before the process begins. It gives the spouses an opportunity to reconsider their stands before annulment. The annulment determines that the marriage did not

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