Friday, September 27, 2019

Intervention and health impact analysis Coursework

Intervention and health impact analysis - Coursework Example Now with the 5-tier pyramid containing different forms of interventions to maintain life expectancy in countries that have developed, it will ensure the means of preventing diseases, reduction of spread level and improvement in economic growth to emerge. In addition, there is improved living standards, and with improved ways of treatments (Frieden, 2010). With the pyramid, it helps in addressing the determinants of socioeconomic at the bottom and public health interventions e.g. clean water with safe infrastructure, protective interventions like immunizations with long lasting importance with clinical care and lastly education counseling located at the top of the pyramid. The socioeconomic factors situated at the bottom of the 5-tier pyramid mostly explains on economic issues or health indicators like poverty eradication, advanced education for the benefit of the society (Frieden, 2010). With increase in wealth, roads are constructed increasing the number of vehicles and a result leads to pollutions and deaths from the accidents but all the problems can be prevented by the improved health like availability of clean water and sanitation making the bicycle and scooter rentals a better option. Additionally, with changes in the context, it motivates health decisions regardless of education, provision of service, income, and many other factors. On the contrary, people who use cabs and other fuelled countries with lack of these are encouraged by brushing their teeth. Activities that lead to the elimination and the exposure of asbestos, salt iodination, clean water, air and food, improved road construction that helps in the creation of advanced healthier practices (Lowe, 2002). Besides the above case, the bicycle and scooter rentals is an imperative intervention since the inventions are in place to prevent cardiovascular diseases yet it is erratic with adherence that may not be predicted with unreliable effectiveness. The

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