Sunday, November 3, 2019

Product Differentiation and Cost Reduction as Booster of Companys Sale Dissertation

Product Differentiation and Cost Reduction as Booster of Companys Sale - Dissertation Example A primary source is a data obtained by the first-hand interview, observation, filling with questionnaires among other many sources. Secondary source, on the other hand, is the data that is originally collected and published by another researcher for other purposes. Voice recording, video and images determine the qualitative of the collected data while figures, statistics and measurement determine the quantitative of a collected data. Observation, carried out on a traffic jam, which can involve manual counting of the cars, is a source of data. Information from insurance companies is important since in the company's information about the car insurance is available. Interviews will be conducted on the different location from which important information, which may be, was not obtained in other sources will be available. For qualitative data, images of the cars can take. Conduct industries dealing with the cars spare part is also since if the number of cars increases in the location the demand of the spare part due to wear and tear increases.Distribution of questionnaires to the literate people provide information on the increase of the cars or decrease, and this can assist in getting relevant data on whether the step being taken by the company is productive. As research encompasses Mercedes Benz Company and focuses on its product over the others, therefore the data collected mostly should be from the mortars having t he product or any website with relevant information about the product.

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