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Compare and contrast Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Compare and contrast - Research Paper ExampleThe second point he argued that true religion consists of genuine inward persuasion of the mind, mend the berth of the government is force. By this he meant that force will never bring people to the true faith. The third point he argued that if the magistrate would have power to change peoples mind, still it will not bring people to the true faith since many of them believe in wrong religions (Locke, 1796). unmatchable of the historic researches that scholars have found out is that Judaism and Christianity was once unified, but time came and they parted ways because of competition. The anti-Jewish Christians statements about late antiquity suggest that salvation was runner for the Jews but it was entrusted to them through grace. For example when Jesus Christ came into the world and was he rejected by the Jews. The anti-Jewish believed that at that point it was their opportunity to receive salvation. Martin Luthers anti-Jewish were trul y caring in that he accused the catholic of being unfair to Jews and treating them as if they were dogs, he also was annoyed by them when they refused to convert and said A Jewish heart is as hard as a stick, a stone, as iron, as a devil.It is very fascinating how theological issues are viewed other than with scholars, believers as well as theologians. For instance, Mircea Eliade, James George Frazer and Rudolf Otto brought their point in a very interesting way. For example, James in his book The Golden Bough distinguishes between magi and religion. He argued that magic is for primitive people while reign through faith. His remarks can be compared to that of Otto who focused on religious experiences with a fear which benefits peoples relation to God. God is taken to be presented in peoples responses and these responses have this role because they are assigned a phenomenological character which is different from other feelings experienced elsewhere in this human life. Eliade

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