Saturday, June 22, 2019

Take-home exam for Mindfulness and Meditations class Essay

Take-home exam for Mindfulness and Meditations class - Essay ExampleThis grapheme enables any mindful soulfulness to freely interact with their environment. From such free interactions, the person gets to learn more on the ideal response strategies to specific roughhewn scenario. Thirdly, mindfulness is characterized with acceptance (Baer 130). In this respect, the person is ready to accept fate and influences of the environment. This dictates that one makes discordant observations but remains non-judgmental. It is only through acceptance of various uncontrollable developments that one is able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Finally, Mindfulness is characterized by love. This can be love for oneself or for others and the environment. This aspect of love promotes the acceptability of the mindful person to a wide range of audience.According to Baer, mindfulness involves remaining non-judgmental. In this regard, one is to be a keen observer of occurrences in the environment, bu t neutralize forming stereotyped opinions on the occurrences. Rather, one should accept things as they are, only looking for ideal ways to make the situation better. Further, mindfulness should be present-oriented. This enables the person to trailer truck and respond to issues in real-time. Such present orientation also enables the person to maintain self-consciousness. Baer further notes the need of mindfulness to involve capacity for self observation, a property that is essential in alleviating over-reliance on secondary data sources. The fourth facet of mindfulness is the association of different scenarios with the intentions behind them. This labeling of words and occurrences is important in creating better understanding of the world. Finally, mindfulness involves non-reactivity. This dictates that one makes critical observations, but exhibits no negative reactions towards such developments.a. Knowing what is happening while it is happening (Awareness) this aspect is promoted by the focus of mindfulness on present setting. Through such present- centered

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