Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Business report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

Business report - Essay Example Manufacturing only accentuates the packaging industry operations. Packaging is itself a wide and complex industry. It takes different forms. This is because products to be packaged are different. For this reason, you find that the industry is as diverse as the products to be packaged. Liquids cannot be packaged the same way solids like biscuits are packaged. The magnitude of the product to be packaged is also considered when it comes to packaging. As the cost of packaging trickles down to the cost of producing the entire product, then size is a key feature which if ignored it would result to unknown costing mistakes. This report presents a detailed business report on a plastic bottle manufacture. Bottling is a giant industry. Basically, many liquid processors have often opted for bottling to package their output. The convenience which comes with bottling lacks an equivalent. Plastic bottling is accommodative to many forms of liquids and hence many manufacturers result to it. Any investor who wants to invest in the most dynamic industry then needs to embrace plastic bottle packaging industry. It is a sector where the rate of return is high and risks involved are minimal. Actually it is the only industry which violates the principles of investment of the higher the risk the higher the profit. The report analyses possibility of entrance into the market. It gives details of the market analysis and its interpretations. All costs involved have been analyzed. These costs include the Fixed and variable costs. Budgeting is a key element in the financial management of any organization and this report includes a budgetary estimate which comes with production of these plastic bottles. The stocking aspects have been taken into account also to ensure that the best policy is adopted in the implementation of plastic bottles production. Production of these bottles call for technical inputs. This report presents a

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