Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Finding a similarity between an ancient area and a contemporary area Essay

Finding a similarity between an ancient area and a contemporary area - Essay Example The Architectural designs of Angkor Wat are so unique in style and definition. The site plan itself is difficult to comprehend, it looks like a special combination of the temple mountains, a standard design for the empire’s temples and concentric galleries’. It looks like a representation of a mountain that had five peaks at the central quincunx towers, the home of the gods, the walls and the moat on the other hand definitely express the mountain ranges and oceans. There is a strict order of hierarchy in the temple; access is very exclusive and only the laity can be able to access the lower levels of the temple. The plan of the church is one of the prime examples of the Khmer architectures. The visible areas of the block indicate the sandstone blocks, laterite seems to have been used on the outer walls and some hidden structural parts of the walls. There is a very close association in the architecture of Angkor Wat, it has a level of perfection in its monuments and scul ptures with finely divided elements and arrangements; all proportional to their precise order. They express the power, unity and style in the design. The Temple has integrated decoration on the walls of the galleries’ that bear a series of large scenes that probably depicts the people episodes in the Hindu epics. Some of the episodes include the Battle of Lanka, the battle of Kurukshetra, the churning of the sea and others in the main galleries’. The design architecture is a smooth and polished marble that has been put together in very tight joints of mortise and the tenon joints while others have dovetail and gravity. It is a wonderful sight to behold. Access to the temple was that of very high security it has a very thick wall that is about 4.2 m high. It has an apron of about 30 m apart and a moat that is more than 150m wide. It has only specific access points by an earth

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