Friday, April 26, 2019

Business Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business Communications - Essay ExampleIn the resembling manner the power point creations devised by the managers to transmit a potential business message to the score business reference also gains effectiveness in that the same contributes in development of business or in meeting objectives relating to profit and business growth. Thus the study transmitted whether through and through media or through power point introductions must indeed be sensible enough in meeting the information needs of the target audiences to inspection and repair achieve the end objectives. Thus Jerry Weissman is definitely right in move the statement media sensibility applied to business community. Thus a power point presentation created by a business community needs to follow or satisfy certain striking points in order to become sensible in its approach. Here the power point presentation is to be considered as a potential long suit like the broadcasting programs aired on television or radio through which the right and effective message needs to be conveyed to the target audience. Firstly the presentation must be prepared to render points in a clarified fashion to help the audience get a consume understanding of the message that is needed to be conveyed. Secondly apart from having clear points of view the presentation must also have clear benefits or positive attributes much(prenominal) that it contributes in the development of the present business situation. Thirdly it must be kept in mid by the presenter that the information need to possess a clear carry or structure to help the target audience grab the sequence of the information flow. Overlapping or leap in the flow of the information renders confusion to the information processing function and thereby distorts the meaning of the message conveyed. Similarly in the fourth case the power point presentation must not contain information that is unlike or excess in nature. Rather information rendered must be effectively eva luated as such that contributes in meeting the information objectives of the end recipient. Finally the information rendered through the power point medium must not be over exhaustive. Rather the length of the message must be hack short to reduce the element of boredom relating to the end recipients. These things kept in mind would contribute in enhancing the efficacy of the power point presentations in acting as a potential medium for contagion of business messages to the target business audiences. Therefore an efficient presenter needs to effectively evaluate the information needs of the audiences and thereby streamline essential information to satisfy end needs and objectives (Weissman 1-10). The presenter go designing an effective power point presentation must endeavor to relate the concept and understandings of the variant slides so as to convey a central meaning to the audiences. Each of the different slides presented tends to put in front of the recipients an entire new st ory or understanding. The recipient failing to relate the story or concepts presented in each of the different slides happens to gain significant confusion about the total presentation. This failure of the recipients in availing a central meaning distorts the level of understanding of the recipients and thereby causes the rise of perceptual differences among the participants. Participants or recipients in the power point p

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