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Legal Aspects of Nursing- Homework 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Legal Aspects of Nursing- Homework 5 - Essay ExampleThe installed monitoring gadget was more blameless with the operation of the nurse and if the case was to be taken from this instant then the conspicuous and repeated variety between the two records were sufficient evidence to justify the actions of the facility. As the case proceeded to the trial levels, things were bound to change(Sloan, 1993). From the plea of other nurses that the facility did not realize proper policy on accompaniment of narcotics and close of them had equally taken invalid records, gave the nurse upper hand to verify her claim. The discrepancy realized may have been as a result of mistakes made in undertaking the manual documentation for which the facility wariness seemed not give much attention. Testimony of the other nurses over uncensored manual documentation varicolored negligence on the side of the facility and therefore they lacked concrete incriminating evidence to suspend the nurse. This sum that the good word of the other nurses turned tables against the defense of the facility for suspending the nurse. The institution just realized that there had been a massive misinformation due to invalid records that mustiness have been documented over time by most of the nurses (Sloan, 1993). The facility management therefore remained more exposed in its incompetency to make sound documentation policies which are the backbone of efficient operation of the facility and quality healthcare. The facility therefore had to address the shorten of ineffective documentation policy that must have given the suspended nurse healthy loophole to successfully sue it. Ruling of the case ought to have been in favor of the suspended nurse since her actions and the subsequent testimony exposed the long standing negligence of the institution as far as ethical and legal healthcare practices are concerned (Rosdahl & Kowalski,2008). The most important principle of safety to the patients in this case is to asperse error by following due instruction in terms of administering the right doze of the recommended prescription. The condition of documentation that the nurses testified to have been committing presents an open case of negligence since this is a matter of law and ethics which they must have been trained on. By the standard of their qualification, the patients are under their care in the spirit of presumption and failure to take up their duties appropriately like documentation makes them liable to tort of negligence (Sloan, 1993). The confession about delay of the nurses documentation of such crucial information put the feel of the patients at seek besides giving the institution wrong information that would be costly in terms of medical specialty stocking and medical billing on patients. This therefore amounted to services below standard of care. The action of the nurses from this case presents unequal ethical standards on the part of the nurses. It is imperative t hat the nurses know that communicating an existing problem that pose a threat to the facility and the health of the patients is primary to the welfare of the society (Rosdahl & Kowalski, 2008). The institution management should also accent the significance of free and healthy interaction with its staff so that it would be easy for them to note whatever anomaly in their behavior. The interest of the patient should come first since the cardinal role of the nurses is to save life and this would suffice the definition of positive ethical code

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