Monday, April 22, 2019

English 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

English 2 - Essay ExampleThe main difference between these devil terms is that sympathy calls for people to merely look at a situation from the differents point of view, while empathy requires a temporary detachment from the self, in order to truly experience what the other side is going through. To truly be empathetic, you will you will have to be an active role player in the other floriculture, as this will allow you to truly understand the events that have occurred. You do not have to change who you are and completely detach yourself from your own culture in order to achieve this, but must rather have the ability to truly involve yourself in the other culture and see the world from their perspective. Accepting that different cultures lead to people being very different themselves is an Copernican part of this understand, as we have always been taught that all people were created equal. There is a difference, however, between equation and sameness, which must be understood in order for cultures to co-exist.Your anger is completely understood, especially if Fannie Taylors tarradiddle is accurate, but you must look at this situation from the perspective of the people of Rosewood, if you truly want to operate on through your differences. You must begin by realizing that whites and blacks do have different cultures, although neither culture is excellent or inferior. Despite these differences, however, neither culture believes that Fannie Taylor should have been assaulted, as this would have been a particularly wicked activity.Most people on both sides of this conflict would agree that this lone event was not obligated for the racial accent, but rather than this tension had been building for years. Therefore, we must get to the bottom of things of why this tension exists and hopefully prevent these things from happening in the future.You must realize that the black way of doing things is not violate and put yourself in their situation. Most of these fam ilies did not even

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