Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Short answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Short answer - Essay ExampleChristians as well as pray that sinners may resign God to take control of their lives in preparation for the coming on Gods hold (Fischer &stag, 1995.The reign of God has already begun because Jesus is always demonstrating his power to the curse ones on the world. The book of Luke chapter 11 20, it is indicated that Jesus is now pushing back the powers of evil in the world. Paul illustrates on the book of Romans 61-11 that after a sinner accepts Christ and gets baptized, the reign of God has begun on his or her life. According to Fischer and Hart (1995), the reign of God has begun through the life of Jesus and his teachings. The only expectation is its fulfillment.The proper attitude gibe to St. Paul is that sinners ought to confess their sins and be baptized while the righteous beget the obligation of staying clean. The righteous should similarly spread the gospels to non-believers in order to alert them on the second coming of Christ.Christians h ave an amour in the exact time for second coming of a new phenomenon because they believe that they will have a chance to see the Christ they have been waiting for many years with their own eyes. They also believe that a new phenomenon will be the perfect time to end the struggle with the evil one that they encounter on daily basis on their lives (Fischer &Hart, 1995).Christians tend to be much touch with counting the exact date of second coming of Christ. However, Jesus discourages the speculation and instead urges believers to be always prepared for he might come any time. Jesus urges Christians to be ready and righteous at every moment in their life in order to inherit the Kingdom of God as it already reigns (Fischer &Hart, 1995).That Jesus had no intensions of revealing secrets concerning his second coming. The biblical meaning of parousia also ought to be understood

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