Sunday, August 11, 2019

Black studies about slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Black studies about slavery - Essay Example This paper gives a brief reaction to the video about Frederick Douglass, new things learnt from the video and the times he lived in, critically rating the video as a device for learning about Douglass and his times. Though the video paints a gloomy picture of what transpired from the pre-colonial Africa to the post-colonial Africa concerning slavery and slave trade, it is clear that some heroes such as Frederick Douglass spend a better part of their lifetime and great efforts in refining the American dream. One can deduce from the brief biography of Frederick Douglass that while the slave trade could not be prevented especially due to the large number of nations involved, it was possible to tame slavery more so that which consisted of torture and other inhumane acts. Frederick Douglass came out as a strong social reformer, who championed for the rights of the African Americans, his slavery status notwithstanding. This was especially so because despite being a diplomat, he was also a great orator and writer. This means that one had to be courageous enough to present a tough stance to the authorities and all the parties involves without giving it a second thought, at least according to the video. Perhaps another important point worth noting from the video is that while Frederick Douglass fought slavery through his antislavery writing and through the political front, it became apparent even to the whites that slavery was causing more polarization as opposed to driving the nation towards achieving the American dream. Although the video does not explicitly reveal how Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery, it is particularly clear that his strong stance for women’s rights gave him an edge in fighting slavery especially when more people from diverse backgrounds started believing in his ideology. Certainly, the nineteenth century was the most traumatic period for the African Americans especially those that were subjected to hard labour. From the video about

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