Thursday, August 8, 2019

Motivational Effects of Technology in Music Education Essay

Motivational Effects of Technology in Music Education - Essay Example This report stresses that one of the main issues facing music education is the technological gap between the teachers and the real world. This is because most of the teachers are from another generation of learning and hence they did not acquire technological skills and knowledge in their training. In order to avoid this problem, music teachers and curriculum developers should integrate technology in their learning activities. It is important to note that in this context technology is a purveyor of many benefits which have virtually transformed the music world. Therefore, technology inclusion in the school system is not an imposition but rather a necessity. This paper makes a conclusion technology in music education has many benefits ranging from ease of study accruing from repetitive teaching tasks by computers to unlimited availability and accessibility of learning materials. Music as a subject is not very popular as compared to other disciplines such as engineering. There have been attempts by some countries to reform their music curriculum in a bid to appeal to more students . For instance, Scotland has implemented major reforms in its music schools including establishing technologically-enhanced music rooms for their schools . Technology seems to be the only solution to a seemingly unviable field of study . Integrating technology in a formal learning setting is bound to affect the involved parties in various ways . The effects of technology in education have already been studied in other curriculum.

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