Sunday, August 25, 2019

Incentive Plan (paraphrase) for my HR class Essay

Incentive Plan (paraphrase) for my HR class - Essay Example It is the responsibility of the supervisor to conduct a performance appraisal on the employees so as to ensure that the desired performance outcome is achieved in the organization. To do this, different performance appraisal methods can be used. One of the methods is the critical incident method in which the supervisor will write positive or negative performance behavior of a particular employee throughout the performance review period. Another method that can be used is the weighted checklist method where by a large list of descriptive statements of effective and ineffective behavior of the job are rated on each employee. The whole idea of performance appraisal is to ensure that the business retains efficient employees who can collectively perform towards the target goal of the business. Performance appraisal is also used in incentive programs of employees in the business. Incentive plans and acknowledgment programs often overlap to accomplish a common goal by being supervisor that increased motivation to perform. But there are differences. Traditionally, incentives are reserved for salespeople and tied to specific behaviors or outcomes like selling a specific product or line of products.

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