Monday, August 12, 2019

Draft Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Draft - Essay Example s idea, the paper will suppose that the continents of today were separated and that the seas between them were impassable, trade between continents is impossible and that refrigeration is impossible due to the laws of physics. The paper will analyze how the African continent would be look like today in terms of resources crops, climate, health, culture, lifestyle and economically. Globalization has resulted into changes that have affected different continents differently. As Jared Diamond argues, the continents would be different without globalization. Although globalization has had positive effects, it has deprived some continents of their resources. A good example of such a continent is Africa. If refrigeration were impossible, African continents would not be facing the environmental problems it is facing. However, ecological processes do not recognize continental boundaries. The climate changes affecting the globe are mainly from activities from a few continents. Asia, Europe, and America are emitting gases, which are causing global warming. However, the African continent is suffering the consequences of the global warming. If refrigeration were impossible African continent, which mainly focuses on farming activities would be a richer continent. African would not have to take responsibility of actions by other continents (â€Å"Economic Commission for Afr ica†, Web). Africa is endowed with numerous resources. One such resource is oil. Some of the main distributors of oil include Libya, Angola, and Nigeria. However, due to globalization, most countries in Africa import their oil from other regions of the world. If trade between continents were impossible, African countries would trade amongst themselves, which would be cheaper. Other resources that the African regions have include copper, coal, diamond, copper, gold, timber, platinum, tanzanite, and other ores. Agriculturally, some regions of African continent such as South Africa and East Africa have fertile

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