Friday, August 9, 2019

Evidence Based Management with relation to Corrections Research Paper

Evidence Based Management with relation to Corrections - Research Paper Example It is the key through which the world renowned organizations keep the operations ongoing and consistent. Thus, it is easier to learn the science of management than the art of management, it is also notable that Evidence-based Management particularly deals with the science of management, which can be easily taught or learnt and can be later used for different applications, especially for the management of corrections (Rousseau 20). The formal definition of Evidence-based Management (EBM) explains that it is a science of methodical and evidence clued-up application of managerial tools and techniques. It has its roots in the incorporated scientific knowledge and the styles of decision making. In order to utilize the scientific techniques and to achieve the organizational goals and objectives EBM help the managers to come up with better decisions in favor of the organization. This implies that EBM is an evolution in the world of corporations and management sciences. It has rearranged the ways and styles of corporate managers and has enabled them to make calculated and risk free decision. The definition of EBM has following two core elements which distinguish it from other branches of managerial science (Latham 52). Utilize the management tools and techniques which have proven to be exceptionally reliable and valid with respect to the case in hand. Utilize the researched information in such a way that it makes clear sense to you and is based on the unambiguous ideas. The scientific approaches used in EBM are mainly concerned about the approaches related to critical thinking; which is defined as looking and seeking out for the inside story. Then comes the human judgment; which is though reliable and authentic yet at times it fails to do justified acts and it is here when EBM comes to play its role. Finally the last approach constituting EBM is decision making; there are different styles of decision making taught to the future managers and corporate professionals as a ccurate and calculated decision making is the key to successful business activity. Everything is initiated by a logical and evidence based analysis of the situation which is then followed by the evaluation of alternatives and finally choosing the best suitable option. All of these scientific approaches play vital role in acquiring quality information and position it in a way that it servers the right purpose. The EBM tools and techniques enable the business professionals to build quality managerial skills along with the improved intellect, judgment criteria and subsequently enhanced competencies. EBM does not simplifies the problem for the managers neither it makes it difficult to be generalized instead EBM provides the correct passage through which problems and issues pertaining to organizations or any other institution can be resolved easily, effectively and efficiently. In a nutshell EBM is the source through which all the human, technological and social abilities are put togethe r in order to get the best results and outcomes. However, especial EBM skills cannot be learnt and practiced through taking a course at university level rather it is something that is developed with huge timely investment over an individual’s career (Rousseau 69). There are basically four areas of specialized professionals who can actually help in

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