Friday, August 23, 2019

Loyalty Program and the effectiveness on Thai consumer decision-making Essay

Loyalty Program and the effectiveness on Thai consumer decision-making in Hotel Industry - Essay Example All quotations have been distinguished by quotation marks and all sources of information have been acknowledged by means of references including those of the internet. Using a random sample of 150 Thai hotel patrons, the survey questionnaire found that male respondents attached higher importance on the hotel providing programs for children; sending out newsletters; providing upgrades when available; checking in and checking out at a time that suits customer; and helping the customer you with all other reservations upon reservation at the hotel. The results on Pearson r show that except for the last item, all loyalty factors significantly increase in importance as the age of the customer increases. The idea of promoting loyalty in customers is composed of an intricate set of tactics and schemes which is not only aimed at attracting more consumers, but also seeks to add value to an organisation. A hotel’s management team has to oversee the operations as a whole and in detail, which includes monitoring the over-all performance of every department in order to ensure that guests are always satisfied beyond their expectations. Products and servic es must possess a quality which when compared to others, is far more superior and would make customers feel that they could not find and come across the same quality elsewhere. The current research has been effective at ascertaining the factors that promote loyalty in the Thai hotels. The researcher concludes that the Thai hotel management must be keenly aware of the peculiarities of the needs and wants of its clients, to be able to dovetail their strategies towards these needs. Thailand is the 51st largest country in the world, particularly when it comes to the total surface area that it encompasses. It is a Buddhist country, and a very devout one at that, since the religion is currently being practiced by the majority of the population. The government of

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