Monday, August 12, 2019

The way of duty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The way of duty - Essay Example Women are the ones that suffered the most by losing their loved ones during the American Revolution period since they were to be left alone to take care of both those who were fighting and also the family that remained at home As portrayed, in ‘The Way of Duty’, it was a time to practice their loyalty and patriotism to their country. Women were also to step up and take charge of all the family responsibilities while their men were away. Just like in the case of Mary, women lost their loved ones to diseases and some ended up being alone but they knew very well that losing hope was not an option. Life was to continue. Women were the ones that were much concerned and worried about what would happen to those in the fields. They involved them in prayers trusting and believing that all will be well. Most women became spiritual in the sense that they were to make ends meet.2 Women were the ones to endure broken marriages and separations not to mention tem being not in a position to enjoy their conjugal rights. Men were taken to different places as militia during the Revolution era and thus never were they close to their wives. Men who showed interest in politics were kidnapped and jailed for a significant number of days that will end up being even a year long. And when they were released men couldn’t help since they were ever in fear that they would be recaptured thus reducing their productivity. 3 Women had to take care of the rest of the family and persevere the pain of the struggle. They became the bread winners. They were to manage the farms so as to see that food was brought on the table. This was even made worse when their husbands, who were captured in the line of duty, to get their job benefits were turned down. If it happened that their husband were working in the public service and lost or couldn’t account for the money at their disposal this were to be taken in as debts

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